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REDD+ Capacity Building

Issue date: 
March 2010

Networks emerge as key actors in community forestry

Community networks have emerged as an important force in enhancing forest tenure security and livelihood benefits for forest-dependent communities.

Issue date: 
Sunday, 28 March 2010

Guyana: Indigenous People’s Rights always accorded top priority

MINISTER of Amerindian Affairs, Ms Pauline Sukai says that contrary to opinion in some quarters, the rights of the Indigenous Peoples have always been accorded top priority by the present administration as evinced by its unwavering commitment to addressing various issues affecting the community.

Issue date: 
22 Mar 2010

The challenges of managing high expectations for REDD-plus

Civil society, government organizations and local communities in many tropical rainforest nations have started REDD-plus preparation planning with a lot enthusiasm, eager to take part in this proposed global mechanism for the reduction of forest-related CO2 emissions.

Issue date: 
March 18, 2010

Toshaos council needs $$ to continue LCDS, REDD+ consultations

A lack of money hinders the National Toshaos’ Council (NTC) from holding further consultations in Amerindian communities about government’s forest preservation strategies, the organisation’s head, Yvonne Pearson says.

Issue date: 
March 18, 2010

Reactions to APA statement are misguided

The furore surrounding the statement issued by a conference of Amerindian leaders on land rights is, in the opinion of the Guyana Human Rights Association, misplaced and unhelpful.
The sensitivity manifest by the supporters of  the LCDS and REDD+, is uncalled for, the GHRA said in a statement . Nothing in either statements issued by the conference or later by the APA suggests lack of support, or even criticism of the LCDS/REDD+ strategies, indeed, the releases are not primarily concerned with REDD+.

Issue date: 
March 13, 2010

Some Indigenous leaders ‘harassed’ for voicing concerns over LCDS, REDD+ consultations -APA

Some Indigenous leaders, who recently voiced concerns about the scope of government consultations over forest preservation plans, have since been victims of intimidation tactics, the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) disclosed yesterday, while maintaining that genuine concerns of communitie

Issue date: 
March 11, 2010

Indigenous leaders’ objections to LCDS, REDD+ ‘malicious distortion’

The Office of Climate Change (OCC) last night described the objections by some indigenous leaders to the LCDS and REDD+ policies as “malicious misrepresentations and distortions” and a deliberate attempt to mislead the public on the two policies.

Issue date: 
March 10, 2010

Indigenous leaders call for hold on LCDS, REDD+ projects

Indigenous leaders are calling on government and international agencies to shelve policies related to projects like the LCDS, REDD+ until free, prior and informed consent guidelines for land use are in place.

Issue date: 
July 1, 2009

Amerindian leaders say must not be pressured on low carbon

Indigenous leaders say that they support “in principle” proposals that aim to protect standing forests but said that they must not be pressured into make decisions without full understanding of the implications of such policies.

Issue date: 
March 12, 2010

Consultations on the LCDS in Amerindian communities left the majority of residents none the wiser

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