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December 02, 2011

Norway accused of hypocrisy over RI deforestation funding

Norway has been accused of climate hypocrisy in Indonesia, where it has won plaudits for financing forest protection even as its state pension fund allegedly secures even greater revenues from logging, plantations, mining and other environmentally destructive practices.

Issue date: 
October 31, 2011

UD didn’t pursue abuse of aid funds

Audits finally conducted of Norway’s foreign aid to Tanzania revealed irregularities and corruption, but critics claim Norwegian officials reacted much too mildly.

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Norway launches international energy and climate partnership

Issue date: 
Oct 2, 2011

Factbox: Australia-Norway plan to rescue U.N. climate talks

(Reuters) - Australia and Norway have crafted a proposal they hope will get troubled global climate talks back on track and win agreement on a broader climate pact by 2015.

Issue date: 
October 10, 2011

Drawing lessons from Norway's REDD+ interventions

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Seven Norwegian MPs in Tanzania to learn about climate change

Issue date: 
September 26, 2011

Norway releases US$1.1M to Guyana outside GRIF

Norway has released US$1.1M to Guyana outside of the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund (GRIF) – the agreed mechanism for the disbursement of funds under the two countries forests’ agreement – in order to enable Guyana to meet its contractual obligations under the partnership.

Issue date: 
21 Jun 2011

Norway, Germany give $90 mln to slow deforestation

OSLO, June 21 (Reuters) - Norway and Germany announced aid of more than $90 million on Tuesday for World Bank programmes to help slow tropical deforestation that is blamed for stoking climate change.

Issue date: 
May 3, 2011

Norske Skog Sells Forest In Brazil

Oxenøen, Norway, May 3, 2011 - Norske Skog sells forest areas in Brazil as part of the work to improve the company's financial position

Norske Skog has entered into an agreement with CMNPAR Four Participacoes S.A., a Brazilian company advised by Global Forest Partners LP, a US based, SEC registered investment advisor, for the sale of around 21 500 hectares of forest in Brazil, of which 10 500 hectares are productive forest.

Issue date: 
Apr 28, 2011

Oslo urges more forest aid despite corruption risk


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