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Issue date: 
23 Jul 2010

Green toilet paper that is kind to your backside

Every flush of your loo affects our environment and while low-flush toilets have helped some households save 35000 litres of water a year, it took an Eastern Suburbs man to tackle the toilet-paper dilemma.

Saved A Tree co-founder Damien Scarf, a Vaucluse resident, said global toilet-paper use destroys 27,000 trees every day but his company had found a way to make a loo roll without it costing the earth.

Issue date: 
July 20th, 2010

Work on AU$2B SA mill by mid-2011 or just Pulp fiction?

The AU$2 billion Penola Pulp Mill project in South Australia, shelved during the global recession, has been revitalized since The Commonwealth Bank recently came on board to help raise capital costs for the 750,000 tonnes/year mill, The Advertiser reported on 5 July.

The bank is also helping Greg Boulton, chairman of the company behind the project, and CEO Don Matthews to raise AU$20 million to finalize the design and lock down contracts, the paper reports.

Issue date: 
July 9th, 2010

Australia increases both Eucalyptus and pine chip exports

Issue date: 
29 Jun, 2010

Carbon rules make sequestration hard to track

FARMERS are managing an enormous amount of carbon in their landscapes, but get very little credit for the fact under the current Kyoto greenhouse gas accounting rules.


Issue date: 
June 6, 2010

Carbon sink plans sunk by stalling of emission plan

TREE-planting schemes and other carbon-offset projects could be abandoned by organisations at the end of the month, another casualty of the federal government's delayed emissions trading scheme.


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