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Issue date: 
November 29, 2010

B.C. invites public review of forestry offset rules

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government is releasing proposed requirements for forest-based carbon offset projects that could help unlock new revenue for forest managers and help industry reduce emissions, Pat Bell, Minister of Forests, Mines and Lands announced recently.

Issue date: 
November 26, 2010

B.C. draft carbon offset rules draw criticism from environmentalist

Proposed rules for forest carbon offset projects are receiving criticism as a new draft protocol is opened up for public review.

Issue date: 
November 26, 2010

Forest-research branch cut off at the roots

Unnoted last week amid the political confusion, British Columbians lost a venerable institution.

After a proud, 80-year history, the research branch of the Ministry of Forests and Range was disbanded.

Issue date: 
November 2010

Newfoundland, Labrador: Sustainable Forest Management Strategy

Issue date: 
November 5, 2010

BC Forest Service felled by bureaucracy

With two provincial ministries performing the work of one, inefficiency is inevitable and sustainable-use policies will be ignored.

Issue date: 
November 10th, 2010

Alberta’s fight against the mountain pine beetle

Alberta had a good year in its fight against the mountain pine beetles (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins), thanks to both the weather and to the province’s containment efforts.

Issue date: 
November 1st, 201

Learn about the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre

Have you heard of the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre?

The mission of the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre is to create innovative knowledge to expand the economic opportunities for the forest sector to benefit from Canadian wood fibre.


Issue date: 
October 13, 2010

Lumber futures rose to four-month high

Lumber futures rose the maximum permitted by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday, reaching a four month high, as the U.S. disputes the pricing of wood imported from Canada, the biggest foreign supplier reports Bloomberg.

Issue date: 
Oct 13, 2010

Wood biomass will heat 5 public buildings in PEI

Prince Edward Island has approved two proposals that will see five public buildings in the province heated by wood biomass.

Atlantic Bioheat will supply biomass-based heat to M. E. Callaghan and Hernewood junior high schools.

Issue date: 
Oct 14, 2010

Nova Scotia approves NewPage plan to burn trees for power

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board has just announced that its approval of the NewPage Port Hawkesbury and Nova Scotia Power's proposal to burn trees to create power.


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