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Issue date: 
13 August 2010

Arkhangelsk region to get new project

Novye Lesnye Technologies (New Timber Technologies, St. Petersburg) is to invest over RUR11.8 mln (€ 300 th.) in construction of a mill for advanced timber processing in the Arkhangelsk region.

The mill is to produce wooden boards and chipboards with annual capacity making up 250 th. cubic meters and 325 th. cubic meters respectively.

Besides, the mill will have a sawmilling facility (100 th. cubic meters per year) and glued log production (15 th. cubic meters per year).

Issue date: 
August 10th, 2010

Devastating wildfires in Russia underline the need for integrated fire management

The many wildfires in Russia which are currently raging, in particular in the Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh and Ryazan regions, follow an unprecedented heat wave with temperatures reaching past 38C.

Issue date: 
03 August 2010

Tatarstan to construct new Forest Breeding and Seed Centre

Timber industry is becoming more and more innovative with increasing amount of advanced technologies and machinery being involved.  Russia is to construct 5 modern breeding and seed centers using Lannen Plant Systems technology (Finland). Thus, new centers will appear in the Moscow, Voronezh, Kostroma regions, Altay area and Tatarstan.

Forest Breeding and Seed Centre is to be constructed in the Sabinsk district (Tatarstan) at the site of 7ha.

Issue date: 
26 July 2010

Export duties on roundwood: Russia vs. EU

According to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Russia is to come to the terms in the field of export duties on roundwood. Moreover, Russia itself offered the EU to significantly increase  export duties on deciduous wood.

Russia is ready to increase export duties by tens %. It will mostly concern birch that is widely used in the Finnish industry, whereas in Russia this kind of wood is not practically processed by the Russian companies.

Issue date: 
July 20, 2010

Russian Wood Statistics: wood processing in the first half of 2010

Statistics: wood processing in the first half of 2010  
Issue date: 
July 20th, 2010

Chinese wood deficit good news for NZ wood exporters

China’s potential fibre-supply gap (the difference between total demand and total domestic supply) is projected to reach approximately 150 million m3 (roundwood equivalent) by 2015 - or a volume that is more than the entire Canadian timber harvest in 2009 - a strong indication that China’s wood imports must continue to rise in the short- to medium-term period to match with projected consumption reports International WOOD Markets Group,.

Issue date: 
July 2nd, 2010

Karelia: OSB mill to be launched in 2012

The Administration of Komi Republic and DOK Kalevala has recently signed a Protocol on cooperation in construction of a woodworking mill in Petrozavodsk. DOK kalevala is to become the first company in Russia that will produce different kinds of OSB.

Issue date: 
31 May 2010

Arkhangelsk region to continue realization of investment projects

There are 5 investment projects that are currently being realized in the Arkhangelsk region and are included in the list of priority investment projects. Total investment volume amounts to RUR 20 bln (EUR 0.5 bln).

Issue date: 
May 24, 2010

Tomsk region to develop pellet production

LLC Sandzhikles  (Tomsk region) - harvesting and woodworking mill – put an advanced sawmilling plant in 2010, which allows selling high quality sawn timber.

Issue date: 
20 May 2010

Komi to develop OSB production - Syktyvkar

Safwood (Italy) is to launch OSB production in the Komi Republic by February 2012. The mill will be constructed from scratch with investment volume amounting to EUR 125 mln, of them EUR 72.5 mln to be provided by banks.


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