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Issue date: 
11 Aug 2011

Rick Perry to run for president; climate deniers cheer

The climate skeptics can finally get excited about the 2012 election: Rick Perry, their candidate of choice, is about to officially

Issue date: 
August 6th, 2011

Softwood lumber dispute’s next round set to begin August 9

On August 9, the United States will makes its case to the London Court of International Arbitration that British Columbia is subsidizing timber prices for pine-beetle damaged trees.

Issue date: 
Aug 01, 2011

Weyerhaeuser Completes Sale of Hardwoods Business

FEDERAL WAY, Wash., USA, Aug 01, 2011 - Weyerhaeuser Company (NYSE: WY) today announced it has completed the sale of its hardwoods business to American Industrial Partners.

Total proceeds from the sale will be approximately $108 million.

Assets included in the transaction are located in Tuscumbia, Ala.; Elkhart, Ind.; Grand Rapids and Lewiston, Mich.; Brainerd, Minn.; Coos Bay, Eugene and Garibaldi, Ore.; Titusville, Pa.; Arlington, Centralia and Longview, Wash.; and Dorchester and Onalaska, Wis.

Issue date: 
September 2009

Developing a Sustainable Biomass Forest Industry: Case of the U.S. Northeast

Who isn't in search of clean, cheap energy? Policy makers, residents and investors around the region are, and they are taking a close look at biomass energy, that is, burning low-grade wood or other plant materials for high-tech electricity generation.

Issue date: 
August 1, 2011

Dovetail Partners Releases New Report on Bioenergy

A new report from Dovetail Partners evaluates the life cycle impacts of forest management and bioenergy. The report reviews new research findings addressing the potential role of forests in bioenergy development in the context of sustainable forest management.

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FRA Welcomes Sustainable Forestry Initiative Pilot Bioenergy Project

A new woody biomass procurement project, launched by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), has attracted support from Forestry Research Associates (FRA).

The research and advisory consultancy provides fresh outlooks and consultancy services on all matters surrounding forestry investment, sustainability and forestry management and has spoken out in support of the new pilot scheme. The plan is to support sustainable forestry management by helping US-based bioenergy companies to purchase woody biomass.

Issue date: 
Jul. 26 2011

This U.N. Program Should Have Taxpayers Seeing REDD

While the Obama administration’s push to regulate domestic greenhouse gas emissions has mostly stalled, the worldwide fight for carbon suppression continues.

Issue date: 
July 30, 2011

Blandin's tax battle stuns Iron Range

Issue date: 
Jul 19, 2011

EPA’s Decision Not to Regulate Biomass Carbon Emissions is a Big Mistake

Asheville, NC, USA, Jul 19, 2011 – Today, Dogwood Alliance, an organization focused on protecting Southern forests, called on utility companies, investors, and federal, state, and local governments to halt the further expansion of large-scale

Issue date: 
July 22nd, 2011

The Nebraska Forest Service - funds available for woody biomass conversion

The Nebraska Forest Service has funds available to help interested institutions determine whether they are candidates for conversion to woody biomass energy.


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