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Mai. 24, 2010

RISI-Series: ICT – Killing paper off with a greener image? Part II

LONDON, Mai. 24, 2010 (RISI) - Well, it looks like we have stepped on a hornets' nest.

Issue date: 
Mai. 10, 2010

RISI-Series: ICT – Killing paper off with a greener image? Part I


Issue date: 

Newspapers on paper or on the net?

Digital newspapers have gained an increasing amount of ground and from an environmental perspective have been put forward as a better alternative to paper-based newspapers.

Issue date: 
Mai. 21, 2010

Paper producers gearing up for new expansion in China again!

SHANGHAI, Mai. 21, 2010 (RISI) - Expansion, expansion and expansion, in almost all paper grades, was the word that was heard most in talks among industry CEOs and executives during the recently held Metso Summit at the Finland pavilion at the Shanghai World EXPO.

Issue date: 
Mai. 18, 2010

North American copy paper trends at home vs. the office – less paper, but far from paperless


Issue date: 
May 13, 2010

What, Exactly, Is Black Liquor? Just Ask the Tax Man

If you want to understand that once-obscure, now infamous pulp byproduct known as black liquor, you can turn to an unlikely source –- the lawyers at the Internal Revenue Service.

Issue date: 
Mai. 5, 2010

Printed products - in or out of EU FLEGT?

Issue date: 
April 2, 2010

How will extended elevated pulp prices affect the North American graphic paper market?


Issue date: 
March 22, 2010

Chile: To suffer from earthquake - forest products industry hit hardest


Issue date: 
Mär. 9, 2010

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