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Handel (-Zertifikaten)

Issue date: 
09 Aug 2011

Japan favours REDD in latest offset funding awards

Four of the five offset pilot projects selected to receive Japanese government funding on Tuesday aim to curb deforestation (REDD) abroad, according to an official statement.


Issue date: 
August 12, 2011

New Investments Portal Raises Carbon Credits Alert to Code

Invezz, a UK-based digital media company, released today REDD Carbon Credits (reddcarboncredits.co.uk).

Issue date: 
August 07, 2011

UN registers Himachal's carbon trading scheme

New Delhi: Himachal Pradesh's efforts in fighting climate change have been rewarded with the UN registering its multi-crore carbon trading scheme that involves providing green cover to barren 4,000 hectares in the state.

Under this scheme, over 5000 families from remote and backward villages will receive carbon revenue for the next 20 years from the World Bank for providing green cover to several areas in across 10 districts which were declared deforested before 1990.

Issue date: 
22 July 2011

International Forest Carbon Association (IFCA)

Carbon Positive is involved with a number of participants in the forest carbon sector to establish a representative organisation, the International Forest Carbon Association (IFCA).

Issue date: 
5 August 2011

FSA warning over carbon credit trading schemes

Issue date: 
August 05, 2011

The Omens of Offsetting Linger on REDD

As the number of public sector financial mechanisms targeting REDD+ has increased, and consequently the volume of money flowing in to REDD+, observers are increasingly pointing out that the public sector alone cannot supply the huge sums

Issue date: 
Jul 4, 2011

Women Grow Carbon Money on Trees

KATHMANDU, Jul 4, 2011 (IPS) - When Bina Tamang was told that she could earn money by not felling trees in the tiny forest that serves as the source of fuel and fodder for 65 families in her area, the 27-year-old was incredulous.

That was two years ago. In June, when Tamang was informed that she and over 100 other groups like hers, that have been sharing forests as community property, had been awarded cash incentives worth 95,000 US dollars disbelief gave way to joy.

Issue date: 
July 24, 2011

A Slow Start for the for Carbon Credit Market

WASHINGTON — As U.N. talks keep failing to agree how to raise money to protect forests, private investors are testing a trade in credits to slow the deforestation that emits as much carbon as all the world’s cars, ships, trucks and planes.

Issue date: 
28 July 2011

UK announces certification standard for forest carbon storage projects

The UK government has announced new scheme to assess the carbon captured and stored by forest projects initiated for carbon sequestration.

Issue date: 
July 28th, 2011

The Anatomy of the CER Price Melt Down

Some 6 weeks ago the price of a CER (certified emission reduction created from reducing greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries using the CDM or clean development mechanism of the kyoto protocol) was 13 Euro and the emissions markets were looking healthy.


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