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Handel (-Zertifikaten)

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Let's get serious about soil carbon

POLITICIANS of all persuasions have had a hard time being nice to farmers in ways that don’t upset larger, more vociferous and vindictive sections of the voting public.

In this campaign, they seem to have discovered the key: carbon!

Issue date: 
16 August 2010

Australia mulls foreign-linked carbon offset scheme

The Australian government is proposing to allow foresters and farmers to create carbon offset credits for international sale into foreign emissions trading markets. Prime Minister Julia Gillard launched the policy on the weekend, part of campaigning ahead of a federal election on August 21.

Issue date: 
16 Jul, 2010

CarbonSmart goes up in smoke

A PIONEERING attempt to provide landholders with a new income stream through forestry offsets, Landcare CarbonSmart, has fallen foul of the Canberra stalemate over emissions regulation.

Set up by Landcare Australia Limited, in part to help landholders put in smaller biodiverse plantings that could provide a carbon credits income stream, CarbonSmart has been killed off because the forestry offsets market and regulatory environment failed to mature as expected.

Issue date: 
August 5, 2010

Forest carbon needs climate deal: Study

Afforestation and reforestation (A/R) activity to restore tree cover, a key component of the REDD+ mechanism and overall fight against climate change, risks grinding to a halt in the next two years i

Issue date: 
June 28, 2010

Moving Forestry to the Forefront of the Carbon Market

An estimated 16% of the total global GHG emissions are directly attributed to the destruction of tropical forests.

Issue date: 
Jun 30, 2010

Coal exports to China labelled 'Kyoto hypocrisy'

New Zealand's coal exports to China were labelled 'hypocritical' by audience members at a public meeting on the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)in Blenheim last night.

Issue date: 
30 Jun, 2010

NZ: Big ETS pluses for farmers

THE Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) presents unique opportunities for many rural landowners in New Zealand; carbon forestry will allow landowners to use the scheme to their advantage and gain a new income stream.

Marginal farmland throughout the country can be converted into forestry and as long as any conversions are undertaken in an informed manner, landowners potentially have a lot to gain.

Issue date: 
25 June 2010

Minister promises farmers conditions on ETS


Issue date: 
June 25, 2010

ETS a balancing act

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is complex, confusing and difficult to get agreement on, but as New Zealand prepares for its impact from July 1 Climate Change Minister Nick Smith is confident the right balance has been struck. CHRIS ORMOND of NZPA reports.

Issue date: 
23 Jun, 2010

Carbon farming will alter land use

NEW Zealand’s emissions trading scheme gives this region opportunities to make money, and will change the way marginal land is used.

Carbon sequestering will change the way forests are managed and will make the establishment of unharvestable forests economically viable, two carbon farming experts told landowners, farmers and foresters at a carbon forestry workshop presented yesterday by the University of Canterbury and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


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