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Issue date: 
7 February 2012

Forestry Director Against Land Hoarding

COMMUNITIES and conservation groups should own forests to earn from Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) programme.

Issue date: 
Feb 9, 2012

Britain to urge green accounting at Rio+20 summit

(Reuters) - Britain will urge businesses and governments to start accounting for natural capital as an additional way of measuring economic activity at a U.N.

Issue date: 
February 9, 2012

Push for forest conservation destroying Pakistani yak herding practices

Local government efforts to promote forest conservation in a Pakistani village are blocking access to common lands and destroying traditional yak herding practices that villagers depend on for their livelihoods, says a recent study by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

Issue date: 
31 January 2012

Forestry Director Seeks to Gazette Kigoma's Masito-Ugalla Forest

Issue date: 
February 2, 2012

New Light in the Forest

Early next month, the Obama administration will finalize important and long overdue rules for the management of 155 national forests covering nearly 200 million acres.

Issue date: 
February 2nd, 2012

Forest conservation policies: what works and what doesn’t

Policymakers looking to reduce deforestation in their countries have the right tools to do so today, but without a solid foundation in good governance and consistent policies, they will not be successful, said a prominent policy expert.

Issue date: 
February 2, 2012

Expert speaks out on impact of logging in PNG

One of the world's leading tropical biologists says clear felling of forests on Papua New Guinea's controversial Special Agricultural and Business leases is likely to have profound impact on PNG's environment.

As you heard earlier in the program, logging on SABLs has pushed PNG's log exports into record territory.

In 2011, 650,000 cubic metres of logs were exported from SABLs.

A prominent scientist in tropical biology says the environmental impact of this sort of logging is very significant.

Issue date: 
Jan 14, 2012

Brazil's Amazon Fund bogs down, donors frustrated

(REUTERS) - An international fund to protect the Amazon forest launched by Brazil in 2008 has gotten bogged down in red tape and donors are frustrated their $466 million contributions are hardly put to use, a Norwegian official said.

Issue date: 
Jan. 26, 2012

ForestEthics Launches Petition & Website

After a month of escalating rhetoric from the Harper government and oil industry front groups and confirmation today from internal government documents that the government explicitly identified environmental and aboriginal groups as "adversaries" in its strategy to increase tar sands ex

Issue date: 

Hats Off to Guyana's Outgoing President Jagdeo, a Forest Champion

The Kansas-sized country of Guyana, formerly known as British Guiana and the only English-speaking nation in South America, held elections on November 28, 2011, and voted in a new president, Donald Ramotar.


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