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Illegal Logging & FLEG(T)

Issue date: 
2017, January

Ending Tropical Deforestation: Have We Got Our Priorities Backwards?

In working to change the world, there’s always a need to keep asking ourselves whether we’re focusing on what’s most important.

Issue date: 
Thursday 22 October 2015 09.19 BST

Europe failing to clamp down on illegal logging, report warns

Auditors say EU scheme to tackle $100bn global trade in illegal timber is poorly designed, badly managed and largely ineffective

Issue date: 

EC Study "The impact of EU consumption on deforestation"


Deforestation is the permanent conversion of forest land into other uses. The main drivers  of worldwide deforestation are agricultural expansion, logging, expansion of urban areas, and natural or human-induced disasters (e.g. wildfire).

Issue date: 
11th October 2012

New report compares timber import requirements to safeguard biodiversity

A TRAFFIC document analysing and comparing the different requirements under various regulatory systems for legal importation of timber into the European Union (EU) has been launched today in India.

Issue date: 
November 27, 2011

Seizures From Illegal Indonesian Loggers Show Deforestation Impact

Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan. With millions of hectares of forests being cleared each year to make way for palm-oil plantations, even illegal loggers are now starting to see the impact of dwindling rainforests in Indonesia.

Unlike previous years when illegal loggers were spotted with top quality wood, the National Police this year have only been able to seize low quality goods during a series of raids conducted between Nov. 8 and Nov. 26.

Issue date: 
November 17, 2011

Progress Has Been Made In Negotiations Of VPA With EU

Malaysia and the European Union (EU) have made progress in talks on the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA), said Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok.

However, he said, the different forestry laws in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, needed to be ironed out before an agreement could be reached.

Issue date: 

Comments on Viet Nam's timber legality definition VPA/FLEGT

We would highly appreciate it if the contributions could be documented and sent to MARD at Tong cuc Lam nghiep, No. 2 Ngoc Ha, Ha Noi; fax 38438793 or email to nguyenminhthuong.vnforest@gmail.com by 1 December 2011.

Timber legality definition draft 4

Issue date: 
4 October 2011

Keeping carbon criminals out of the forests

The REDD+ lobby would do well to learn the lessons of the Uganda land grab and build transparency, anti-corruption measures, conflict resolution into the system from the start, says Davyth Stewart from Global Witness


This brief aims to guide countries in the development of their Legality Definition as part of a Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) process.

Deforestation, Wood Harvesting Not Correlated

Industrial timber use has provided timber revenue that has helped make timber supply and demand more sustainable in the leading timber producing regions of the world.


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