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8 December 2011

Uganda Calls for Global Agreement to End Deforestation

Uganda's water and environment minister, Maria Mutagamba, has said a global agreement should be designed to help cut down deforestation that contributes to global warming.

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Nedbank unit in forest deal

NEDBANK Capital and Face the Future have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop sustainable forestry projects in Africa.

Issue date: 
18 Oct 2011

Sugar industry takes aim at Ugandan forest again

At Najjembe roadside market, in the heart of Uganda’s rainforest, Sanyu Nakato offers the bright yellow bananas in her basket to hungry passengers on the long-distance coach to neighbouring Kenya, who snap up her wares.

Issue date: 
4 October 2011

Keeping carbon criminals out of the forests

The REDD+ lobby would do well to learn the lessons of the Uganda land grab and build transparency, anti-corruption measures, conflict resolution into the system from the start, says Davyth Stewart from Global Witness

Issue date: 
07 Sep 2011

Simmering tension over forest give-away

KAMPALA, 7 September 2011 (IRIN) - A plan to replace a large swathe of protected rainforest in Uganda with sugarcane could lead to further civil unrest in a year when nine people have been killed during strikes and protests against the rising cost of living.

Issue date: 
28 August 2011

Don't Cut Down Mabira - Donors

The European Union's top envoy to Uganda, Ambassador Roberto Ridolfi, has thrown his weight behind the chorus against a proposal by President Museveni to hand out part of Mabira rainforest to sugar manufacturer-SCOUL to grow sugarcane.

Issue date: 
22 August 2011

Plan to sacrifice forest for sugar puts economy before ecosphere in Uganda

Issue date: 
August 24, 2011

National parks do not contribute to poverty, finds decade-long study

A new study of Uganda's Kibale National Park refutes the conventional wisdom that parks cause poverty along their borders.

REDD Opportunities in Uganda

Projects and programs to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) provide a unique opportunity for Uganda to sustainably conserve forest biodiversity and generate real benefits for the country and its population.

Issue date: 
5 July 2011

Ugandan Tribe Struggles to Maintain Forests and Access Benefits

Indigenous people like Uganda’s Bunyoro-Kitara tend to take good care of their land – and to lose big when someone else finds natural resources on it.  Payments for ecosystem services (PES) offer a way to profit from good stewardship, but only if governments keep things clean.  Unfortunately, tha


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