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Issue date: 
Nov 20, 2012

Understanding carbon loss and potential interventions in Manica

Understanding how land use and its changes affect forest cover and carbon stocks is fundamental to developing

Issue date: 
August 16, 2012

Mozambique resists external pressures and drafts own REDD+ strategy

Mozambique has taken a “remarkable” approach to reducing deforestation, engaging local communities and other stakeholders that will be most directly affected and drafting its own forest conservation strategy rather than relying on external consultants.

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The false solutions of Rio+20

As evening falls, Albertina Francisco*, a farmer from the Nhambita community in Sofala province, Mozambique, returns home. She is tired after another day of work at her machamba (a term used in Mozambique to refer to a patch of farmland).

Issue date: 
Dec 3, 2011

Mozambique's new forests may not be as green as they seem

MAPUTO — Foreign companies are spending billions of dollars to plant forests in Mozambique, but conservationists fear the investments aren't as good for the environment as they might initially seem.

Issue date: 
November 29, 2011

Carbon Plantations in Mozambique: Livelihoods, Development, and Local Legitimacy

The Norwegian forestry company Green Resources (GR) is one of several commercial actors that have started planting forests in Africa, aiming to reduce global CO2 emissions and join the international emissions trade market.

Issue date: 
September 26, 2011

A new opportunity for land grabbers?

Land is cheap and is perceived to be abundant in Africa. A scramble for Africa’s land, following the food and fuel crisis three years ago, is on.

Issue date: 
Aug 31, 2011

Portucel Soporcel Group Pursues Forestry Venture In Mozambique And Builds Up Sales Presence

Portugal, Aug 31, 2011, The Portucel Soporcel is exhibiting again at the 47th Maputo International Trade Fair
(FACIM), the largest trade event with an international dimension in Mozambique.

Issue date: 
July 27th, 2011

Forestry Acquisition, Mozambique

Obtala Resources Limited (AIM:OBT), the natural resource investment and development company, today announces that it has concluded a Share Purchase Agreement (”SPA”) to acquire a private Mozambique registered company (”Acquisition”).

Issue date: 
May 20, 2011

Forestry Key to Africa’s Carbon Permit Market, Envirotrade Says

Issue date: 
April 19, 2011

How is REDD+ unfolding in southern Africa’s dry forests?


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