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Issue date: 
September 25, 2011

EFSOS II - UN/ECE Forest sector and timber outlook study summary

If no major policies or strategies are changed in the forest sector and trends outside it follow the lines described by the IPCC B2 scenario, consumption of forest products and wood energy will grow steadily and wood supply will expand to meet this demand (see Figure 24).

Issue date: 
September 26, 2011

Avoiding deforestation in the context of biofuel feedstock expansion

Issue date: 
September 21, 2011

‘Serious’ Error Found in Carbon Savings for Biofuels

The European Union is overestimating the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions achieved through reliance on biofuels as a result of a “serious accounting error,” according to a draft opinion by an influential committee of 19 scientists and academics.

Issue date: 
14 September 2011

Biomass Energy Drives Global Land Rush

By Lorenzo Cotula (PhD), lorenzo.cotula@iied.org, senior researcher at the International Institute of Environment and Development, UK

Issue date: 
September 7th

So what happens now to the plan to burn wood for power in Port Hawkesbury?

Remember the plan to burn wood in Port Hawkesbury to create power for Nova Scotia Power?

You may have been thinking that plan was dead now that the NewPage mill is being idled, but you may be wrong.

Issue date: 
9th September 2011

Group to assess Mpumalanga biomass-to-energy potential

Engineering, management and specialist technical services group Aurecon and sugar producer TSB Sugar have been contracted by the Mpumalanga Cane Growers Association to undertake a feasibility study to investigate boosting economic development in rural areas in Mpumalanga’s Nkomazi district using

Issue date: 
September 8, 2011

Valuing the trees through the forest

How do you value an ecosystem? Putting a dollar value on natural systems such as forests has long beset economists.

Forests provide “non-use values,” such as the pleasure of knowing that a natural system exists, and recreational values, such as hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing. But recently, ecologists have also sought to value a broader set of “ecosystem services,” or the goods and services that ecosystems provide to a market economy.

Issue date: 
August 18th, 2011

Enligna Canada in receivership; Pellet mill closes in Nova Scotia

Enligna Canada closed its wood pellet mill in Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia several days ago.

Today comes the news that the company has formally been placed in receivership and 50 people are out of work.

Issue date: 

Biomass remains a low-carbon energy priority

Biomass is still the most viable way of reaching global carbon emissions targets despite fears that it could result in a rise in food prices, according to a comprehensive study in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Biofuel is being used throughout much of the US and Europe but is generally manufactured from crops and so adoption of the alternative energy source could push up food prices.

Authors in the journal said policies needed to be put in place to safeguard food prices.

Issue date: 
August 23, 2011

Metso supplies technology for French biomass plants

Metso will supply automation and environmental technology to control five biomass power plants to be built by Dalkia in France. The investments are part of France’s national green energy program, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and curb climate change.


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