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Issue date: 
December 2010

WWF’s announcement misleads users regarding true facts about sustainable forestry and print

Issue date: 
Sep 21, 2010

U.S. announces duties on coated paper imports from China & Indonesia

Issue date: 
Sept 9 2010

Money to save for paper industry after research break-through

Swedish research company Innventia has developed a new tachnology that will result in a stronger paper with lower production costs and reduced raw materials consumption.

Issue date: 
August 10th, 2010

Recycling Doesn’t Save Trees

Yep. That’s right. Recycling doesn’t save trees.

That’s the position of Roger Dziengelski, a Certified Forester and VP of Continuous Improvement and External Operations for Finch Paper, LLC in upstate New York.

Issue date: 
Jul 24th 2010

California legislature looks to ban the bag

California is poised to become the nation’s first state to ban single-use plastic and paper bags at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Issue date: 
23 Jul 2010

Green toilet paper that is kind to your backside

Every flush of your loo affects our environment and while low-flush toilets have helped some households save 35000 litres of water a year, it took an Eastern Suburbs man to tackle the toilet-paper dilemma.

Saved A Tree co-founder Damien Scarf, a Vaucluse resident, said global toilet-paper use destroys 27,000 trees every day but his company had found a way to make a loo roll without it costing the earth.

Issue date: 
15th July 2010

Sappi combines Southern African paper and packaging businesses

JSE-listed Sappi announced on Thursday that its Southern African unit would consolidate its paper and paper packaging businesses to strengthen its ability to meet customer requirements and to develop new business opportunities.

Sappi Fine Paper South Africa and Sappi Kraft would merge to become Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging South Africa, with Sappi Southern Africa CEO Jan Labuschagne to assume direct responsibility for this new division.

Issue date: 
June 26, 2010

Groundwood Paper Greenhouse Gas Footprint Much Lower Than Freesheet Paper

Uncoated groundwood paper (such as newsprint, are made from mechanically ground wood pulp that contains impurities - i.e., everything that nature puts into the tree) has less than half the carbon footprint of uncoated freesheet paper (which are made from pulp that is "cooked" and chemically treated to leave them free of impurities) with the same purpose, a recent study by Canadian researchers suggests.

Issue date: 
Jun. 14, 2010

RISI-Series: ICT – Killing paper off with a greener image? Part III


Issue date: 
Mai. 24, 2010

RISI-Series: ICT – Killing paper off with a greener image? Part II

LONDON, Mai. 24, 2010 (RISI) - Well, it looks like we have stepped on a hornets' nest.


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