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Pulp- and Paperindustry

Issue date: 
March 22, 2010

Chile: To suffer from earthquake - forest products industry hit hardest


Issue date: 
March 18 2010

60 percent of Finland's paper industry sitting idle

The majority of Finland's paper manufacturing capacity has had to be shut down because of the stevedore strike. Stora Enso has closed more than half of its paper production in Finland, and UPM has stopped 15 of its 19 paper machines in the country.

Issue date: 
March 16, 2010

Chile earthquake boosts pulp prices

The Feb. 27 Chilean earthquake did enough damage to that country's forest products industry to spark global shortages that are pushing prices higher in Canada.

Issue date: 
March 13, 2010

Native village's forest company goes global

An isolated First Nations region on the northern British Columbia coast is emerging as a new economic powerhouse, leading the rebirth of the forest industry in that part of the province.

Issue date: 

Pulp Supply in Crisis – Paper Supply Reduced


Issue date: 
Mär. 9, 2010

E-read it and weep?

Issue date: 
March 9

Chile quake may cut forestry pulp exports 15 pct-report

SANTIAGO, March 9 (Reuters) - Chile's key forestry sector may see exports fall by around 15 percent this year after a giant earthquake destroyed processing plants, an industry executive told the daily Diario Financiero.

Issue date: 
Mär. 8, 2010

Want to install a new paper machine? First fire the engineers!

BARCELONA, Mär. 8, 2010 (RISI) - Both the European and North American paper industries are at a crossroads. Declining paper demand appears to be the big predicament but it is really not the only one nor the most important.

Issue date: 
8th March 2010

Sappi says SA power crunch coming

South African paper group Sappi, which is to supply state utility Eskom with 45 MW power from its plants, said on Friday companies should prepare for another power crunch by cutting their reliance on Eskom and on fossil fuel wherever possible.

Issue date: 
5th March 2010

Technology boom – a potential threat to industry

The technological boom poses a potential threat for the pulp and paper industry in that, globally, more people are turning to digital media rather than newsprint. Pulp and paper producer Sappi is responding to this threat with its own initiatives.


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