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Issue date: 
29 January 2012

16 North Rupununi villages involved in Community Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

Another major initiative to ensure that Guyana’s natural resources and wealth are sustainably harvested for the development of its present and future generations, the Community Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (C-MRV) Project that will have the involvement of 16 villages of the North Rupunu

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Better Forest Data Lends Confidence to Carbon Markets

A study published in Nature Climate Change this week measured both the biomass of different types of tropical forests and the emissions lost via deforestation, providing more accurate data than was previously

Issue date: 
Jan. 26, 2012

USA - USDA: New Forest Planning Rule

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today signaled the U.S.

Issue date: 
October 26, 2011

Guidelines on participatory forest inventory


Please click here to download.


Issue date: 
August 18, 2011

Carbon Development Associate

Wildlife Works Carbon LLC (WWC) is an innovative start‐up company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, USA that engages with the global carbon market to enhance conservation in tropical countries.

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GOB “fiddling” while Guats continue raping Chiquibul Forest!

Over the course of the past year, 300 acres inside the Chiquibul Forest have been hacked, and the razed portions of the forest to date amount to 13,000 acres – larger than Belize City. That is according to Rafael Manzanero, the executive director of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), who spoke with Amandala today, Thursday, in Belmopan.
Issue date: 
July 18, 2011

Taking stock of trade and the planet’s woodlands in the International Year of Forests

Forests provide vital resources to humanity, both directly in the form of timber and non-timber products and indirectly in the form of ecosystem services, such as biodiversity, carbon storage, and soil and watershed management.

Issue date: 
21 June 2011

Environmentalists to Be Trained in Forest Monitoring

Rwandan forest monitoring specialists are set to undergo training in modern techniques to help them implement and improve national forest monitoring programs.

Issue date: 
21 Jan 2011

Tanzania to create forest inventory to help fight climate change

DAR ES SALAAM (AlertNet) – Tanzania plans to draw up a comprehensive inventory of its forests to replace outdated statistics and help the east African country to conserve woodland, preserve livelihoods and curb climate change.

Issue date: 
January 11, 2011

Institutions should facilitate local forest monitoring

For many policy analysts and scholars, turning forest management over to governments, particularly as protected areas, is one way to preserve forests.


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