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Carbon Development Associate

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Issue date: 
August 18, 2011
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Forest Carbon Asia
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Wildlife Works Carbon LLC (WWC) is an innovative start‐up company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, USA that engages with the global carbon market to enhance conservation in tropical countries. WWC has established the world’s first and currently, only internationally VCS/CCB verified ‘Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation’ (REDD) project in Africa in the Rukinga‐Kasigau area of Kenya.

WWC seeks candidates for the position of Carbon Development Associate to assist in the various geographic, remote sensing and forest science tasks necessary to successfully manage avoided deforestation projects the world over. The candidate will ideally be a multi‐talented, spatially‐minded individual, with experience/education in the fields of remote sensing and GIS, and an interest in and/or knowledge of the emerging global carbon market. WWC seeks a team member with remote sensing, GIS and/or forestry experience (in that order of importance) who can discern the proverbial “forest for the trees”.

The Carbon Development Associate will report directly to the VP Carbon Development. This position will primarily be responsible for assisting in the development of REDD feasibility studies and PDs.

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