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Forest protection scheme benefits 10,000 highland families

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Valuing natural capital for development decisions

DFID in its conceptual frameworks of Sustainable Livelihoods Approaches (SLAs) defines five types of asset: human capital, social capital (the ability to draw on support through membership of social groups), natural capital, physical capital, and financial capital for achieving poverty elimination. But most services provided by the natural environment (natural capital) to human society are not captured by GDP or other conventional macro-economic indicators, because, they are not directly traded in markets.  Provisioning services (food, fibre and water) and a few cultural services (such as recreation and tourism) are somehow calculated but value of regulating services (water and climate regulation) is not calculated yet, although research on regulating services is developing rapidly.

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22 July 2010

Climate change, Restoration and Resilience

“We need to continuously, strongly and publicly argue that carbon sequestration is only one of many ecosystem services that forests can provide”.

“Climate change has focused our attention on the need for urgent and decisive action if we are to avoid the Earth passing a point of no return beyond which the future will be out of our hands” declared IUCN Deputy Director-General Dr William Jackson earlier this month in a keynote speech to the 18th Commonwealth Forestry Congress in Edinburgh.

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22 July 2010

Setting up Nest: Acre, Brazil, and the Future of REDD

22 July 2010  | In the March edition of SinergiA, a quarterly newsletter on environmental services in Latin America, Jacob Olander, Director of The Katoomba Ecosystem Services Incubator (a project of Ecosystem Marketplace publisher Forest Trends), takes a long, hard look at the future of REDD projects.

Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity of Forests - intrinsically bound toegether and to REDD+

Recently someone sent me a special issue about Ecosystem Services of the EU DG environment

When starting to read this leaflet I began to realize the difficulties of Central European Foresters (CEF) in understanding why the rest of the (biology/ecology/forestry) world is going to have endless discussions on how to differ between biodiversity and ecosystem services when applying forest management.

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30 June 2010

Vietnam Implementing Nationwide Payments for Forest Ecosystem Services

The government of Vietnam has spent two years piloting regional schemes that use economic incentives to preserve forests by getting businesses that benefit from them to pay people who preserve them.  Now it’s taking the scheme nationwide.

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June 2010

Forest externalities - Ecosystem Services - Non-Timber-Products

NEWFOREX meeting deals with the challenges of implementing the valuation of forest externalities

Issue date: 
June 14, 2010

No sale of forest environment services without gov’t say-so

Environmental services provided by Guyana’s forests cannot be sold without the agreement of the government, Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud says.

Issue date: 
8 June 2010

Give decision makers access to the value of nature's services

Finance ministers must realise that mounting devastation of ecosystems harms economic development

Issue date: 
22nd January, 2010

Pavan Sukhdev: you can have progress without GDP-led growth

Deutsche Bank economist Pavan Sukhdev is heading up the groundbreaking TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) report and doing for nature what Sir Nicholas Stern did for climate change - valuing it

Tom Levitt: Why are we putting a value on nature, why don't we just close off and protect it?


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