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Issue date: 
June 15, 2011

Carbon credit pitch sunk

A PROPOSAL to keep Tasmania's native forests standing in exchange for billions in carbon credits has been rejected by the State Government, Liberal Opposition and Forestry Tasmania.

Issue date: 
June 21, 2011

Trees for crops 'will not halt warming'

PARIS: Schemes to convert croplands, or marginal lands, to forests will make almost no inroads on global warming this century, a new scientific study says.

Issue date: 
May 31, 2011

New global carbon map for 2.5 billion ha of forests

Tropical forests across Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia stored 247 gigatons of carbon — more than 30 years' worth of current emissions from fossil fuels use — in the early 2000s, according to a comprehensive assessment of the world's carbon stocks.

Issue date: 
15 March 2011

Carbon storage and forest fire influences in tropical rainforests

Issue date: 
14 March 2011

What forestry can do for climate change policy

Growing trees is nature’s way of absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.  So most would assume that the forest industry would be front and centre of the government’s climate change policy.  They’d be wrong. 

The government’s carbon price to be introduced from July 2012 will rightly focus on the big emitters but will provide next to no incentives for growth in Australia’s sustainable forest industry – which absorbs and stores carbon from the atmosphere.

Issue date: 
9th March 2011

Govt: `Forest investors` grabbing villagers` land

The government yesterday expressed concern over the increasing wave of investors illegally buying large chunks of land from villagers for forest farming and management, apparently to engage in carbon trade.

Issue date: 
March 17, 2011

LULUCF in 2011 - Guest Commentary in Point Carbon

--the following appeared as a guest commentary in Carbon Market Europe, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon on February 25, 2011--

Closing the deal on forest accounting
By Chris Henschel, national manager of boreal conservation, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Mark it on your calendar: the UN climate change conference in South Africa this December will deliver an agreement on the accountability of industrialised countries for their emissions from forest management and other land uses (LULUCF).

Issue date: 
February 17, 2011

Australia can meet carbon targets by land offsets: report

A new report on Thursday said Australia can meet its carbon emissions target by doing nothing more than claiming offsets from re-vegetation of cleared land, regional forest agreements and ending logging of native forests.

Australia has set its target of a 5 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2020, and the study said the federal government has deliberately underestimated these land offsets to justify a weak target in international negotiations.

Issue date: 
21st February 2011

ETS 'big opportunity' for farmers

Wanganui hill country farmers have a massive opportunity to use the Emissions Trading Scheme to get a return from their marginal land, Pat Hawinkels says.

"Internationally, the market for carbon is huge and it will just get bigger."

People registering their forests in the Emissions Trading Scheme get money for growing trees, which store carbon.

Registering for the scheme was only complex the first time, he said, and for some the money would keep a marginal farm viable.

Issue date: 
February 23, 2011

Study Compares Carbon Benefits of Forest Management Practices in Oregon


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