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Issue date: 
21 November 2011

Beyond repair? Bank lobbies for carbon markets

As UN climate talks loom, the Bank is lobbying G20 countries to resuscitate shrinking carbon markets through controversial measures, including using public climate finance to stimulate demand and creating markets for soil and forest carbon.

Issue date: 
23 November 2011

Old Growth Forests of Northeast China


Issue date: 
Nov 7th, 2011

Minister Visits first Woodland in Wales to Crack the Carbon Code

The Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, John Griffiths, last week (3 November) visited the first woodland in Wales that allows companies to measure how much harmful carbon dioxide they are capturing from the atmo

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Report provides new analysis of carbon accounting, biomass use, and climate benefits

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A recent report provides new ideas regarding carbon and energy benefits forests and forest products provide.

Issue date: 
10 November, 2011

Mixed forestry reaction to National promises

National Party promises to adopt some of the recommendations made by the panel that reviewed the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have been welcomed by forest owners. But they say much more policy work is needed if forestry is to achieve its potential for New Zealand.

Issue date: 
October 21, 2011

Japan – The rising sun for carbon markets

Japan has exemplary carbon credentials. It is amongst the most energy and carbon efficient economies in the world, and one of its most beautiful cities gave its name to the UN’s Kyoto Protocol.

Issue date: 
October 17, 2011

Japan approves 4 forestry CDM projects


Host country: Nicaragua

Project Name: South CDM reforestation project in Nicaragua

Activities Summary: reforestation of native species to the former pasture has declined by over-harvesting (area: 813ha)

Issue date: 
September 21, 2011

Forest carbon sinks usher development opportunities in China

In May, Jia Zhibang of the State Forestry Bureau said that China also hoping to increase the forest carbon sinks up to 416 million tons of Carbon by 2020.

Issue date: 
12 September 2011

Old growths remove 2.4 billion tonnes of carbon per year

The report, funded by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, has also found deforestation emits more carbon emissions than previously thought—a staggering 2.9 billion tonnes of CO2 per year

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Neglected CO2-source detected

For the first time, ETH-Zurich researchers provide concrete data on how alternative forms of land use influence the carbon balance in tropical ecosystems.


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