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Illegale Holzschlägerungen

Issue date: 
08 November 2011

Olympic athletes to train on timber from 'endangered' forests

Issue date: 
28 October, 2011

The importance of the domestic timber trade for FLEGT and REDD

ropenbos International would like to invite you to an informal networking event on 23 November 2011, to learn about the practical dilemmas of regulating domestic timber markets.

Issue date: 
November 02, 2011

Interpol, U.N. to train police in REDD host countries

Interpol and the U.N.’s main environmental arm are join forces to help rainforest countries prevent land grabs motivated by carbon trading, and take action against illegal logging.

Issue date: 
4 October 2011

Keeping carbon criminals out of the forests

The REDD+ lobby would do well to learn the lessons of the Uganda land grab and build transparency, anti-corruption measures, conflict resolution into the system from the start, says Davyth Stewart from Global Witness


This brief aims to guide countries in the development of their Legality Definition as part of a Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) process.

Issue date: 
June 2009

Corruption in the forestry sector and illegal logging

Illegal logging is a

Issue date: 
August 14, 2011

Illegal logging: from the rainforest to your dining room

BANGKOK, Thailand — Is your coffee table stamped “Made in Vietnam”?

If so, there’s a decent chance it was once a tree in the dwindling jungles of Laos, sawn down illegally by a timber syndicate and smuggled into Vietnam for processing.

Deforestation, Wood Harvesting Not Correlated

Industrial timber use has provided timber revenue that has helped make timber supply and demand more sustainable in the leading timber producing regions of the world.

Issue date: 
August 06, 2011

Warning on Ta Ann practices

A MALAYSIAN parliamentarian has visited Tasmania's native forests with a warning over timber company Ta Ann's business operations in his home country.

Issue date: 

Multi-million-dollar mahogany problem – illegal exports rival legal exports

The 42% rise in illegal logging activities reported inside the Chiquibul Forest in western Belize may finally get Government’s attention now that a dollar figure of $15 million has been put to the amount of illegal exports of mahogany and cedar leaving the country for next-door Guatemala.


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by Dr. Radut