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Issue date: 
June 4, 2012

Ready for the Market? Assessing prerequisites for market-based REDD+ activities

This policy paper aims at identifying and assessing the prerequisites developing countries should fulfill in order to access a future market-based REDD+ mechanism.

Issue date: 
Nov. 20, 2012

A Struggle for the Soul of the GCF

Existential crises usually kick in mid-life, as one wakes and wonders: what is my purpose in life? Why am I here, and where am I going?

Issue date: 

Forest Carbon Prices Doubled In 2012

The price of forest carbon credits doubled in 2011, leading to a record market value of $237 million as more country programs embraced mechanisms that use carbon finance to plant or replenish endangered forests, according to the latest "State of Forest Carbon Markets" report, which aggregates

Issue date: 
Oct 30, 2012

Peru seeks World Bank carbon market support

SAO PAULO, Oct 30 (Reuters Point Carbon) - Peru's government has requested technical and financial support from the World Bank to support its plans to study the adoption of a greenhouse gas emissions trading system, according to official documents.

Issue date: 

Keeping REDD+ clean: a step-by-step guide to preventing corruption

This manual helps interested parties to understand and address corruption risks associa

Issue date: 
2nd November 2012

Initiative to document forestry land rights under way in West Africa

A US initiative to document forestry land rights is expected to promote sustainable agroforestry, environmental protection and the rural livelihoods of the upper Guinean tropical forest.

Issue date: 
November 9, 2012

Leveraging the Landscape

The report, which aggregates data from 415 individual forest carbon projects historically, was published Thursday by Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace, a world-leading provider of news, data and analytics on environmental markets and investments in conservation.

Issue date: 
05 Nov 2012

District-Level Consultative Workshops in Pakistan under ICIMOD’s REDD+ Project

Issue date: 
November 9, 2012

Promoting and implementing REDD+ safeguards at national level in East Africa

Issue date: 

Amazonas Florestal, Ltd., Sustainable Forest Management Company, Issues First Annual CEO Letter to Shareholders

Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. (OTCPK: AZFL), a diversified forest management company generating profit through innovative, sustainable forest management, today released a letter from President & CEO Michael Ibar to its shareholders:



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