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The planet never needed more than now world forestry management

World Forestry Congress produces a message to be presented at COP 15
in Copenhagen

EU Position for the Copenhage Climate Conference

The European Union has published it's Position for the Copenhave Climate Conference.

Here are the Forests related parts.

After Typhoon, Illegal Logging Back in Spotlight in Vietnam

When rains slowed enough for people living in the central coast of Vietnam to venture outside and assess the damage, they were stunned at what they saw.

2009 Nobel prize for economics and forest property

The 2009 Nobel prize for economics recently was awarded to two Americans – Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson – for complementary ideas on economic governance.

Study shows trees have impact on Georgia’s economy

As Americans mark National Forest Products Week from Oct. 18-24, a new report shows Georgia’s forest products industry has a significant impact on the state’s economy.

Forests do not naturally grow in straight lines

Forest negotiations recently have been featuring a lot of talk about something called “sustainable forest management,” or in climate policy parlance, SFM. 

Roads and Rainforests - of course they matter...

Chainsaws, bulldozers, and fires are tools of rainforest destruction, but roads are enablers.

Woodplantations will help developing countries to establish Sustainable Forest Management

“The world needs more effective and focused international action on tropical forests. That will help
reduce poverty, protect biodiversity and also mitigate the effects of climate change.” 

Forest certification in war - some interesting insights...

Now that the forest-certification movement is running out of steam, two groups involved in promoting sustainable forestry have responded by declaring war on each other.


ForestEthics fired the first shots a few days ago, filing complaints of both tax fraud and greenwashing against the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. It sent letters last week asking the IRS to revoke SFI's tax-exempt status and requesting that the Federal Trade Commission investigate SFI's "unfair and deceptive" marketing practices. ForestEthics claims that SFI's forestry-certification program is inferior to Forest Stewardship Council certification.

SFI responded today by calling the ForestEthics complaints "an affront to the tremendous efforts by foresters, businesses, governments, consumers, SFI and other standards groups to preserve and protect our forests for future generations."

“We should all be focusing our resources and efforts on supporting responsible forest management and fighting deforestation and illegal logging, not wasting energy on bickering among ourselves," SFI added. A United Nations report recently concluded that the once-rapid growth of forest-certification efforts has stagnated during the past three years, Dead Tree Edition reported last month.

I'm skeptical whether FSC, which has had its own credibility issues in places like Indonesia, is significantly superior to SFI, but I welcome comment on the subject. I think the most useful service Dead Tree Edition can offer at this point is extensive excerpts from the complaints and SFI's response. Note: The rest of this article consists entirely of statements from ForestEthics and SFI that do not necessarily represent the views of Dead Tree Edition:



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