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2010 employee benefits: Paperitalo 2nd Tuesday Surveys

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Survey subject:

Employee Benefits 2010

2nd Tuesday Surveys are Copyright 2010 by Paperitalo Publications and used by permission of the Copyright Owner

   Dates open: 13 – 27 Apr 2010

Confidential level and error band:
(90% confid. Level, +/- 10% error band)

No. of respondents: ??

Pulp & Paper Industry

46% US respondents, 10% Western Europe, 6% China

When asked how many vacation days a 20 year veteran receives

         55%....said 21 - 30 days a year

         21%... said 41 - 40 days a year

         16%... said 11 - 21 days a year

When asked health care benefits...

         67%..... said partial paid by company

         13%..... said fully paid by company or government

         13%..... not provided

Concerning retirement plans...

         59%..... have a defined contribution plan

         31%..... have a defined benefit plan

         10%..... have a government plan only

Concerning sick pay...

         63%..... have a plan with reduced salary after a long illness

         25%..... have fully covered sick pay

67 % have an education reibursement plan

17 % can take some time off with pay to volunteer for recognized charities

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Drivers of the Pulp and Paper Industry:
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Employee Benefits 2010
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April 2010
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Paperitalo's 2nd Tuesday Surveys(TM)
Jim Thompson
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