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Are climate change measures corruption-proof?

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04 April 2011
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Transparency International
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On 30 April 2011 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Transparency International launches the Global Corruption Report: Climate Change, a comprehensive guide to corruption risks in measures to combat climate change.

As efforts to combat climate change become grander in scale and sophistication, the risks will only grow. The report outlines how to strengthen governance mechanisms in order to reduce future corruption risks, and ultimately make climate change policy more successful.

With no less than US$100 billion per year earmarked for climate change mitigation and adaptation from 2012-2020, this landmark publication highlights potential corruption red flags for policy makers and civil society.

It includes more than 50 articles by experts on a variety of issues, including:

  • Transparency in the science of climate change;
  • How to safeguard against gaming in carbon markets;
  • Preventing fraud in the transition to a low-carbon economy (such as false claims of carbon reduction);
  • Building trust in the financing of projects that support countries adapting to climate change;
  • How the REDD+ system is supposed to work to keep forests clean and green

There are also regional articles from Austria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, the European Union, Hungary, India, Kenya, Philippines, Slovakia, Spain and the United States.

For an embargoed review copy ahead of publication please contact Transparency International.

The report is also published as a book by Earthscan (April 2011) and is available from www.earthscan.co.uk/gcr.

Interviews can be arranged on request.

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