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Biomass direct energy plant proposed for Dryden, Ontario

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Sep 15, 2010
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Forest Talk
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Two Dryden business owners, Bryan Tardiff and Louie Ricci, are partnering with German owned Lambion Energy Solutions to propose Far North Biomass - a biomass driven, direct energy plant in Dryden, Ontario.

Lambion Energy is considered a global expert in converting biomass to energy.

The proposal would see a 2 megawatt plant powered by wood pellets that would supply heat energy to commercial businesses in a 12 kilometre radius.

The plant will produce energy at 90% efficiency through a hot water system, piped into surrounding commercial buildings and turned into heat at the end. Those customers who choose to take advantage of the minimal 20% - 30% savings in converting to the direct energy system, will have to upgrade their current heating units to incorporate the new system.

The project would be partnered with a pellet plant in Ignace, Ontario that is also owned by Ricci and Tardiff.

The project is still the subject of provincial approval and could create up to 30 jobs by the fabricating of wood pellets and briquettes.

Ricci and Tardiff hope to see their facility operating in 2011.

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