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Biomass remains a low-carbon energy priority

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Biomass is still the most viable way of reaching global carbon emissions targets despite fears that it could result in a rise in food prices, according to a comprehensive study in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Biofuel is being used throughout much of the US and Europe but is generally manufactured from crops and so adoption of the alternative energy source could push up food prices.

Authors in the journal said policies needed to be put in place to safeguard food prices.

"Forest conservation combined with large-scale cultivation of dedicated bioenergy for climate change mitigation will generate conflicts with respect to food supply and water resource management," they noted.

According to Reuters, experts are now calling for the use of woody fuels in order preserve space for food crops.

The UK has the world's largest and most efficient straw fired power station which, according The Renewable Energy Centre, generates enough power to light 80,000 homes and consumes around 200,000 tonnes of straw a year.

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