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Calling for World Support for Forestry Development

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Issue date: 
8 June 2010
Publisher Name: 
All Africa
Mustapha Suleiman
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The Federal Government has underscored the need for the industrial nations to support the developing nations to fast track the pace of activities to reduce carbon emissions through deforestation and forest degradation.

Minister of Environment John Odey made this emphasis in Oslo while addressing the Oslo Climate and Forest Conference. The Conference was organized by the Norwegian Government as part of the international efforts to combat climate change.

According to Mr Odey, support to the developing countries for reduces emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) would be a critical factor in the efforts of such nations to develop national strategies for climate change mitigations.

He noted that the Nigerian Government had initiated a multi-stakeholders sensitization and awareness creation on the importance of REDD+ as part of preparation for the National REDD+ strategy.

"The REDD+ strategy will be structured along the newly approved National Forest Policy, which has been put in place to address the problems of deforestation, desertification and climate change effects.

"The Policy would enhance stakeholders' participation in Forest Resource Management, strengthening institutional capacity on Forest resources, promote research and regulations and enhance forestry industry development."


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