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Climate fund transparency vital

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Issue date: 
December 02, 2011
Publisher Name: 
Daily Mail
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THE Zambia Institute of  Environmental  Management (ZIEM) has  called for  equity  and transparency  in the  utilisation of the  Green Climate  Fund  to enable  developing countries   effectively  manage the effects of climate  change.
ZIEM executive director Morgan Katati said developing countries such as Zambia should be supported by countries which are major culprits when it comes to emissions.
He was speaking to journalists at the on-going climate change conference in South Africa.
“This can only be realised if there is transparency and accountability in the management of the Green Climate Fund,” Mr Katati said.
The Green Climate Fund was established as an operating entity of the financial mechanism of the Convention to support projects, programme, policies and other activities in developing countries related to mitigation.
The programme also supports Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), a programme designed to use financial incentives to reduce the emissions of green-house gases from deforestation and forest degradation.
He said many countries in Africa have suffered so much because of activities of the  industrialised countries.
Mr Katati said it is critical that whatever funds are mobilised to help countries affected by climate change, are managed in a transparency manner.
Other Least Developed Countries such as Gambia have called for the efficient and equitable utilisation of international financial mechanism.
Meanwhile, Mr Katati has urged South Africa to take a leading role by ensuring that it honours its commitment to reduce its emissions especially that the country is the continent’s largest economy.
Mr Katati has also emphasised that Africa should focus on adaptation if it is to effectively address the challenges of climate change. 


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