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The Community Carbon Accounting (CCA) Action Research Project was launched with the intention of elaborating approaches for engaging communities in forest carbon stock monitoring. The project is being implemented at project sites in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Laos according to local contexts, opportunities and needs, with a common overall approach that consists of the following elements: awareness raising and capacity building on REDD+; testing of measurement methods and sample plot designs; mapping and stratification of the forests to reflect spatial variations in forest carbon stocks and management types; setting up and measurement of sample plots; and estimation and monitoring of forest carbon stocks and biomass removals.

RECOFTC is a key partner of IGES in designing and conduting this research, along with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) , Foundation for People and Community Development (FPCD) , Indonesia National Forestry Council (Dewan Kehutanan Nasional - DKN) , ARuPA , and Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos.


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