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Creation of the Northern Bioenergy Partnership

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December 8th, 2010
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Forest Talk
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The Northern Bioenergy Partnership has been created by the B.C. Bioenergy Network, Omineca Beetle Action Coalition, and local bioenergy companies.

The business plan for the partnership was developed by Initiatives Prince George with hopes the partnership will promote Prince George and Northern British Columbia as a “centre of excellence” in bioenergy technology.

Charles Jago has been appointed the interim chairman of the partnership. Jago is a former UNBC president and chairman of Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership. Jago will serve in the post until a new board and executive director are found.

The B.C. Bioenergy Network provided $100,000 in funding over three years to support the Northern Bioenergy Partnership, which was matched by $60,000 over the same period from the Omineca Beetle Action Coalition and $50,000 from bioenergy industry players.

The plan is for the society to become a self-funding organization over the next three years.

Companies in Prince George and the Central Interior are already tapping into the potential for bioenergy with pulp and sawmill wood waste cogeneration and pellet plants. Wood gasification technology developed in B.C. is being installed at UNBC.

Future bioenergy products for the region include wood ethanol, biodiesel and biochar


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