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Drivers and consequences of tropical forest transitions: options to bypass land degradation?

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June 01, 2011
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Forest Carbon Asia
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June, 2011. Meyfroidt, P.; van Noordwijk, M.; Minang, P.A.; Dewi, S.; Lambin, E.F.. Policy Brief 25. ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins. 4 pages*


The early studies of the ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins stratified the domain for study into stages of a generic transition pathway that suggested a strongly non-linear trajectory of change. In this scheme, a phase of degradation of aboveground vegetation, based on over-logging or shortening fallow cycles in intensified swiddens can lead to a grass-fire cycle that needs special conditions to allow successful rehabilitation.

Many places with current agroforestry and tree mosaics have gone through such a phase. A new review of the global literature on these ‘forest transitions’ by Meyfroidt and Lambin (2011) framed important conclusions.

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