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Peru and Finland to be partners for sustainable development

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March 11, 2011
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Living Peru
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Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Paavo Väyrynen, said there are important opportunities for expansion of trade and economic cooperation between Finland and Peru.

The developing economy of Peru offers cooperation opportunities for Finnish companies particularly in natural resources, energy and environmental sectors, according to a press release from the Finnish government.

"It is gratifying to see that Peru implements principles of sustainable development. Sustainable economic growth reduces poverty," Minister Väyrynen outlined when meeting Trade and Tourism Minister Eduardo Ferreyros in Lima.

"Finnish companies have a lot of know-how and expertise to offer within the fields of, for instance, sustainable forestry, energy efficiency, renewable energies, and environmentally-friendly technologies," he added.

Väyrynen also brought up the fact that the relationship between Finland and Peru, based particularly on development cooperation, dates back a long time.

According to the minister, long-term cooperation also creates foundations for close economic interaction, since Finland has expertise to offer within precisely those sectors that play a crucial role with a view to the development of Peru.

Sustainable forestry and energy cooperation held the central stage also when two major development cooperation programmes related to regional cooperation in the Andes were launched in connection with Minister Väyrynen’s visit.

In addition to Väyrynen and Peruvian Environment Minister Antonio Brack Egg, the opening ceremony was attended by representatives of Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

"Reduction of poverty, sustainable development, and economic growth are key words for the development of the entire Andes region. For Finland, the Andes region is also one of the focus areas of regional cooperation," Väyrynen emphasised.

Minister Väyrynen was on an export promotion trip in Peru on 6-8 March. He is accompanied by a business delegation of more than 20 people. From Peru, the minister continued his trip to Argentina.


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