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The European Forest Institute (EFI) will establish a Policy Advice office in Barcelona by this summer. This decision follows a very generous offer by Spain to host the office. The office will include also FLEGT-REDD activities, funded by the European Commission, which are a growing component of the institute.

The offer from Spain includes free office space in a historical building of Saint Pau – a building which will be dedicated into the use of international organisations. The offer also contains the possibility of making a Host Country Agreement between EFI and Spain, which would allow for tax-free status for foreign EFI staff members in Spain.

“This development shows the high interest of our Member Countries to support EFI activities, and the decision made now strengthens our policy advice activities in the forest related issues,” rejoiced Director Risto Päivinen. “We have had a well functioning and efficient Regional Office in Spain since 2007, and therefore it is a pleasure to have the new Policy Advice office located under the same roof with the EFIMED Regional Office.”

Today Director Risto Päivinen will meet the President of the Government of Catalonia, the Minister of Science and Innovation of Spain and the Mayor of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain to discuss the establishment of the office.

More information: Director Risto Päivinen, firstname.lastname email.jpg : 0Kb efi.int
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