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In matters of: Bangkok, Day 5: Breaking News: Forests do not naturally grow in straight lines:

Statement of Peter Wood of Global Witness:
“SFM (sustainable forest management) is a European model of nice neat rows of trees that will be managed like a crop,” continues Wood. “We’re talking about the difference between antiques and Ikea.”

It seems Mr. Wood has had never been to those countries who have established the system of sustainable forest management in fact: Austria, Germany and Switzerland. And Mr. Wood hasn't ever tried to understand the real principles of sustainable forest management established by Central European Rural people centuries ago...
But there is a chance to learn: Mr. Wood come and visit our countries and you will learn that the system of sustainable forest management is indeed not bound to "nice neat rows of trees that will be managed like a crop".

But there is others as well...

We environmentalists often talk about saving trees, but what we really need to focus on is saving forests.

"The environmental community has spent 40 years perfecting the art of saying no and has almost no ability to say yes," says Lawrence Selzer, president of The Conservation Fund. If we can’t find a way to say yes to private land owners trying to make a living from their forests in a sustainable way, don’t be surprised to see those forests get turned into ski slopes and shopping centers.


SFM - do people know what they are talking about?


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