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Sustaining forests: investing in our common future - UNEP Policy Brief

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Aug 26, 2011
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UNEP has published the fifth issue in the Policy Brief on Ecosystem Management series. This policy brief seeks to outline how forests can be a key part of a green economy that provides opportunities for innovative solutions to forest management. The provides an overview of the many values of forest assets before reviewing the complex issues that threaten forests globally and lastly looking at the emerging innovative market and policy solutions that can promote long-term sustainable forest management and contribute to a green economy.

Forests are key assets in the structuring of a green economy as they provide a wide variety of services, including ecological infrastructure, which comprises public goods such as water and carbon regulation and tradeable goods such as timber, fibre, biomass and non-timber forest products. They also act as a source of livelihood, natural insurance, adaptation, employment and health services. Focusing on forests helps draw attention to the importance of creating a green economy at the local, regional and global levels.

UNEP Policy Brief on Ecosystem Management No. 5



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