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World’s tallest timber high rise building in Melbourne

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June 1st, 2012
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The city of Melbourne has been revealed as the location for an architectural world first. New plans were unveiled last Friday showing that the city will receive a unique addition to its iconic skyline - the world’s tallest timber high-rise building.

Major industry leaders Lend Lease have revealed that they have begun work on a flagship project, the Forte building, which will consist of a 10-storey structure completely built out of cross-laminated timber (CLT). The decision to build out of CLT could drastically change the green building - and larger industry - landscape.

While the building is planned to be a world leader in timber developments, and highly environmentally responsible, it will also stand out as a highly stylish residential development. The site will house 23 boutique apartments and four townhouses located near the water’s edge in Melbourne’s Docklands.

Lend Lease are not the first developers to consider a building of this nature in Melbourne. Grocon’s Delta building has received rave reviews for its very similar environmental principles and design elements, but will miss out on the title of the first, biggest and best in Victoria, as plans remain shelved. The Forte on the other hand is expected to be completed in October this year, approximately nine months after its start date.


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