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World Bank Forest Investment Programme challenged to respect indigenous peoples' rights in Peru

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23 August, 2012
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Forest Peoples
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Peruvian national indigenous peoples' organisation AIDESEP have written to the Forest Investment Programme expressing serious concerns that INDUFOR,  the team of consultants hired by the Peruvian government to develop a draft national investment plan, are still failing to address their key concerns and ensure their rights are safeguarded. The letter explains that AIDESEP have repeatedly informed the INDUFOR team that the legal recognition of almost 20 million hectares of untitled customary lands must be a priority in the FIP investment plan in order to ensure that a national REDD strategy does not violate indigenous peoples' rights to land and resources. Despite the requirement for full and effective consultations of indigenous peoples in the development of the plan and the Peruvian government's commitment to resolve these outstanding land applications in its REDD readiness proposal (RPP) the INDUFOR team have thus far indicated that land tenure reform is unlikely to be included. INDUFOR are due to reveal their final plan to civil society in a meeting in Lima on Tuesday 28th August. It remains to be seen whether AIDESEP's concerns will be incorporated.

Click here to read AIDESEP's letter to INDUFOR (in Spanish only).



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