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Astec announces a distribution agreement with Bejac Corporation for the Peterson equipment line.

International Forest Industries - Fri, 19/05/2023 - 14:07

Astec has announced that heavy equipment dealer, Bejac Corporation, will represent the Peterson line of forestry and environmental recycling equipment in California and Arizona. Bejac was founded in 1953 and operated as an underground pipeline contracting business until 1985 when the company pivoted to the heavy, specialty equipment sector. In 2008, Bejac rapidly expanded its product line offering and now focuses on a diversified customer base that complements Astec growth strategy.

Brian Gray, Group VP, Sales, at Astec says, “Our priority has always been our customers. From the initial equipment inquiry to aftermarket sales and service, Peterson Pacific and now Astec, have played an integral part in our customers’ success. In an effort to continue providing world-class support, we are excited to announce our partnership with Bejac in California and Arizona. They have a rich history of providing solutions to niche markets and we are confident that they are the right partner for us.”

Ron Barlet, President at Bejac, adds, “We are excited to take on the California and Arizona territory for Astec and look forward to getting to know all of the customers that they have served and supported over the years. Bejac is a customer service-focused company, and we will work hard to provide the highest value possible to the Astec customers.”
Bejac Corporation has locations throughout California (Eureka, Redding/Anderson, Sacramento, San Francisco/Oakland, Castroville, Visalia, Santa Maria, Los Angeles/Placentia, San Diego) and in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since 1972, ASTEC has been connecting communities by providing innovative rock to road solutions for our customers. United by our purpose – Built to Connect – ASTEC is a leading global manufacturer of specialized equipment for asphalt road building, aggregate processing and concrete production. Operations are divided into two primary business segments. Infrastructure Solutions includes road building, asphalt and concrete plants, thermal and storage solutions. Materials Solutions includes aggregate and other material processing solutions. For more information, visit astecindustries.com and follow us on social media.

Twitter @astecindustries

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Piveteau Bois: The virtual lumber yard

International Forest Industries - Thu, 27/04/2023 - 13:14

MiCROTEC’s sophisticated scanning system significantly increases log yields

Even though Piveteau Bois still has logs stacked at their log yard, the staff of the large-scale sawmill actually view the woodpiles as a virtual lumber yard already. This approach has changed the entire production process for the French company: Before cutting even starts, they already know exactly which boards they will get out of the logs. This is made possible by means of the CT Log and the one-of-a-kind fingerprint system provided by MiCROTEC.

The Piveteau Bois sawmill in Sainte-Florence near the French Atlantic coast has several different mainstays. Only a small part of its cutting volume is sold fresh, the rest is dried, planed, glued or otherwise processed. Pine, Douglas fir and spruce wood are used to make wooden floors and facades as well as glulam and CLT elements. In the manufacturing of these products, Piveteau Bois pays particular attention to the optimum utilization of roundwood. “Our sawmill in Sainte-Florence is located in a region with few wood sources. This makes the raw material even more valuable,” R&D Manager Ugo Gerard explains, referring to the unconventional location for a sawmill far from large forest areas


Digital reconstruction

Against this background, the company implemented numerous optimization measures in recent years with the aim of increasing the log yield step by step. The collaboration with MiCROTEC has been particularly close and equally fruitful. In the sawmill alone – from log infeed to lumber sorting – the scanner specialists from South Tyrol implemented three systems that optimally complement each other.

Directly after the log infeed, the long and short logs are brought into the CT Log at feed rates of up to 120 m/min. The computed tomography technology integrated in the machine enables the digital reconstruction of the logs’ complete inner life. Specifically, a comprehensive three-dimensional density profile of each log is created which primarily shows the size, position and condition of knots. Furthermore, the system detects whether there are rotten knots, cracks, resin pockets or spiral grain. “This allows us to precisely predict the quality of the boards and their corresponding location even before cutting, and to adjust the sawing schedule accordingly for each log. Essentially, this means we are no longer accessing the individual logs for cutting but our virtual lumber yard within the logs,” Gerard explains and adds that this has changed the approach to the entire production process. “We now know exactly which logs to use for which products, and what volumes of the various assortments we can produce each year. This not only increases the value of the used wood but also facilitates the logistics for the markets.”

Recognize and rotate

Directly before the sawing line, the logs are passed through the Logeye 302, a multi-sensor quality scanner with fingerprint. Equipped with X-ray technology, multi-sensor cameras and other sensors, the Logeye performs a 3D measurement of the log and again determines its density profile. With the density profiles of the logs – each being as unique as a fingerprint – each log is recognized and rotated according to its optimum value yield before cutting. “We are optimizing the sawing schedule for each individual log,” Gerard emphasizes. In addition to the Microtec scanners, this is made possible with the help of a modernized profiling line from Linck, designed to adjust to every single log which would even allow for a completely unsorted cutting process.

Full traceability of the boards

The third MiCROTEC system is the Goldeneye 900 multi-sensor quality scanner in transverse transport. It is responsible for quality grading of the fresh boards as well as the definite identification of each lamella. Thus, Piveteau Bois can recognize and allocate each log and each board by means of this digital fingerprint. This results not only in added value, but also the full traceability from board to log.

“In the past, when we did not know in advance what we would get out of each log, we had to put some boards to a lower-value use than originally planned. Today, the rate of this unwanted downgrading is effectively zero,” Gerard reports, adding that this has increased the value output of each log by 5%.

A great result, but one that doesn’t lead Piveteau Bois to sit back and relax – quite the opposite, in fact: “To keep getting better, we are continuously working on new projects, and Microtec is a reliable and trusted partner that keeps pushing us forward with new ideas and innovations.” MicCROTEC will be presenting the next evolutionary stage of the fingerprint system already at the Ligna 2023 in Hannover.


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Binderholz celebrates opening of Enfield facility

International Forest Industries - Thu, 27/04/2023 - 12:39

Binderholz Enfield held a grand opening ceremony on April 6 to commemorate the official opening of its lumber production facility near Enfield. According to Cathy Scott, for the Halifax County Economic Commission, company, local community and elected officials participated in the event alongside Binderholz’s corporate leadership from Austria.

The Enfield facility will produce southern yellow pine lumber used in residential and commercial construction. At full production, the plant will have an output capacity of more than 200 million board feet. In January 2021, Binderholz officially acquired the assets of Klausner Lumber, which included production mills in Live Oak, Florida and Enfield. Despite a pandemic and lingering supply chain issues, Binderholz was able to upgrade the Enfield manufacturing plant.

Photo: Halifax County Economic Development Commission

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Ziegler Group acquires Sebes site from HS Timber Group

International Forest Industries - Thu, 27/04/2023 - 12:13

The HS Timber Group has announced that it is selling HS Timber Productions Sebes SRL to the German Ziegler Group as part of a share sale. The purchase agreement was signed on April 14, 2023. The completion of the transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals. The closing of the transaction is expected for the middle of the year after the official approvals. It was agreed not to disclose the purchase price. Ziegler Group also takes over the existing experienced team in Sebes.

The sawmill was the first production site of the HS Timber Group in Romania. “We are happy to have found a successful family business that will continue the lumber production at the site and expand the business,” says Gerald Schweighofer, CEO of the HS Timber Group. “We would like to expressly thank the employees in Sebes for the outstanding performance over the past 20 years.”

For the HS Timber Group, the purchase of Romanian softwood logs has been limited by law to 30 percent of the annual harvest volume for each individual assortment since 2016. Due to the geopolitical situation, the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are no longer suppliers of raw materials for Romania. Extensive import regulations and rising logistics costs are making timber imports increasingly difficult.

With this step, HS Timber Group is consolidating its continued existence in Romania in the long term and as a result can use the capacities of its existing plants better and more efficiently.

At other locations in Romania, the HS Timber Group operates a sawmill and blockboard plant as well as glued timber production. There are other sawmill locations in Germany and Finland. With further locations under construction, the group is successfully continuing its global expansion.

Stefan Ziegler, Managing Director of the Ziegler Group, is enthusiastic about the new member of the group of companies and the entrepreneur behind it: “HS Timber Productions Sebes SRL was the starting point for the success of the HS Timber Group, which Mr. Schweighofer built up with a lot of entrepreneurship and vision ! We want to continue this success story. I am all the more pleased about the decision to sell this location to us, as we would like to strategically develop the location and my group of companies. True to the philosophy “from tree to house”, the domestic market should benefit, right up to the creation of sustainable living space directly on site!”

The location in the center of Romania is an ideal addition to the sawmill division of the Ziegler Group with the existing production facilities in Germany and Sweden. In addition to high-quality raw materials, the site offers optimal conditions for the group’s purchasing and sales activities, particularly due to its central location. Stefan Ziegler is also looking forward to the more than 650 new employees and the new location: “I am already looking forward to working with the Romanian employees, whose pride is in the local wood and with whom I share my enthusiasm for the raw material would like to share!”

With the Ziegler Group as the owner, the location is to be further strengthened. The always strong roots in the domestic markets should play a central role in further development.

About the HS Timber Group:

The HS Timber Group is a traditional, wood processing company with Austrian roots and strong roots in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Romania. The company processes wood in Germany, Finland and Romania and supplies industrial customers all over the world. www.hs.at

About the Ziegler Group:

The ZIEGLER GROUP has its roots in the northern Upper Palatinate. Since the company was founded in 1948, the core business of the group of companies has been wood processing. Today the group is at home in various areas. Whether wood, logistics or technology – one thing unites the different sectors into one big whole: Stefan Ziegler’s vision – to further promote the construction of intelligent and sustainable wooden houses in Europe. www.ziegler.global


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ZF Redulus Gearboxes for large shredder power units

International Forest Industries - Thu, 06/04/2023 - 11:44

As a main supplier for large shredder drives of 180 kW and above, ZF supports customers with the optimal drive solution for large mobile and stationary shredders.

Thanks to many years of experience, a unique customer approach and inhouse know-how, ZF provides customized solutions based on standard industrial gearbox designs.

The company is not just a component supplier, but a partner. The partnership starts at the first contact, with an idea and a unique concept. Of course, it doesn’t stop after development or installation. Then the team is there for the partners providing them with exceptional services.

Redulus GME/GMH – 70 to 150 kNm output torque and higher GME/GMH for shredders based on the very well-tried ZF industrial gearbox design. Highly robust and with exceptional feasibility are attributes of these multi-staged planetary gearboxes. Flexibility and customization based on high standards are our strength.

Helical bevel gears IMK – 400 to 500 kW ZF’s industrial gears IMK have been designed for installation in industrial applications like recycling machines and shredders. Tough operating conditions require  customer-specific solutions – powerful and reliable gearboxes are essential for these applications.

Condition monitoring system – ProVID ProVID, approved and established in Ropeways, is now extended to main industrial applications as well as for the shredder business.

About ZF

ZF is a global technology company supplying systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility.

ZF allows vehicles to see, think and act. In the four technology domains of Vehicle Motion Control, Integrated Safety, Automated Driving, and Electric Mobility, ZF offers comprehensive product and software solutions for established vehicle manufacturers and newly emerging transport and mobility service providers.

ZF electrifies a wide range of vehicle types. With its products, the company contributes to reducing emissions, protecting the climate and enhancing safe mobility.

With some 157,500 employees worldwide, ZF reported sales of €38.3 billion in fiscal 2021. The company operates 188 production locations in 31 countries.

Photo: Extensive drive solutions for large mobile and stationary shredders from ZF


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Combilift donates its 75,000th truck to International Charity

International Forest Industries - Thu, 06/04/2023 - 10:53

As part of Combilift’s celebrations for its 25th anniversary, the Irish materials handling specialist has announced that it is donating its 75,000th truck – an Aisle Master articulated forklift – to Convoy of Hope, a non-profit humanitarian and disaster relief organization.

Convoy of Hope works alongside communities and its wide network of volunteers aim to alleviate poverty and hunger and to bring help and hope wherever they are most needed in the world.  As this type of aid is sadly always in demand, operational expansion has also seen a corresponding increase in the requirement for warehousing capacity to accommodate the vast volume of supplies that are stored and ready for delivery to areas in need.

The World Distribution Center is based in Springfield, Missouri, and from this location at the “crossroads of America” truckloads of relief supplies and food are sent on their way across the USA and further afield around the globe. Combilift supplied its first Aisle Master for this site four years ago, and a further three units were delivered last year. Convoy of Hope’s Senior Director – Distribution Jeff Smethers: “A lot of our exponential growth has been down to the Aisle Masters as they enable us to get more loads in and out faster. And thanks to Combilift’s free warehouse layout service and the Aisle Master’s narrow aisle capability we have achieved the best possible storage density and very efficient operation.”

The announcement was made at a gala dinner in Chicago during the ProMat trade fair, and Combilift’s CEO and Co-Founder Martin McVicar said: “The work that Convoy of Hope does is invaluable to relieve suffering around the world and we wanted to make our own contribution by donating our 75,000th truck to this very worthwhile charity.”

Erick Meier, Senior Vice President – Supply Chain at Convoy of Hope said ”We are so grateful that Combilift and Martin and the whole team have actually given us one of these trucks for our operations. This is going to help people for years – and ensure that every day someone in the world will receive aid – and that brings hope.”

www.combilift.com        https://convoyofhope.org/

About Combilift

Established in 1998 by two of Ireland’s leading engineers, Robert Moffett & Martin McVicar, Combilift celebrates 25 years in business this year, and is recognised as the fastest growing, and largest manufacturer of 4 directional, side loading and articulated forklifts globally.

Alongside the Aisle Master narrow aisle articulated forklift for handling pallets as well as larger loads in warehousing applications, products include the C-series multidirectional range of trucks for handling long loads safely, Straddle Carriers and Mobile Gantries for handling containers or oversized loads, and pedestrian operate stacker trucks. The model range on offer exceeds 50 distinct models with capacities ranging from less than 1 tonne to over 100 tonnes.

The company has continued to be at the forefront of product innovation, keeping one if not many steps ahead of any competition due to continuous annual investment of 7% of its turnover in R&D. From a total of 18 units produced in 1998, over 75,000 units – most of which are customised to individual requirements – have since been sold in more than 85 countries.

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USNR & Burton Mill Solutions to serve the industry

International Forest Industries - Tue, 28/03/2023 - 14:24

USNR and Burton Mill Solutions are perfectly positioned to serve the industry. With over $74 million in inventory and 17 customer service centers across North America.

Their warehouses are stocked with the consumable items and wear parts you need, ready to ship when you need them.

USNR’s buying power has enabled them to negotiate very favorable pricing for brand-name industrial components that are widely used across the industry. Save time and money by consolidating your parts orders with USNR.

USNR and Burton Mill Solutions can save you the shipping cost on some items by having your USNR or Burton representative bring them to you on their scheduled visit. Call your representative to learn more.

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Peterson horizontal grinder from Astec suits land clearing and other uses requiring mobility

International Forest Industries - Wed, 22/03/2023 - 13:25

The new Peterson 5710E horizontal grinder from Astec Industries is suited for land clearing operations or other applications where mobility is desired. The horizontal grinder is equipped with several features designed to improve efficiency and help operators reduce material handling costs.

The 5710E features a larger rotor that can accommodate a greater number of grinding bits. The new rotor is 8 percent larger and 19 percent heavier than the previous model, giving it more grinding power. To keep up with this improved power, the screening area has also been increased, to allow for greater throughput. Additionally, the grate change process has been simplified.

While weight and size have been increased where it counts, the machine is lighter overall. The redesign has been used to maximize efficiency and simplicity throughout the grinding process. This has been applied from the rotor to the screens, as well as in the new compression roll cylinders, which offer better downforce to help process material being fed into the rotor.

Photo: The new Peterson 5710E horizontal grinder is ideal for applications requiring mobility.  Astec Industries 

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Esterer WD presents itself with strong and confident logo

International Forest Industries - Wed, 22/03/2023 - 12:58

EWD is not completely reinventing itself for 2023, rather remembering its strengths. This will also be presented in a confident new corporate image.

Since 1862 the traditional, yet innovative, company with 250 employees in Altötting and Reutlingen has been one of the worldwide leaders in supplying sawmill equipment. With this EWD stands for customer specific, highly efficient and sustainable sawmills, in which people can work safely and with passion.

Commitment to quality, reliability and customer focus count among the most important values within the company and contribute to the positive success.

As seen elsewhere in the industry EWD has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years and has taken several, successful steps towards digitalisation. Despite this the sawmilling industry will face substantial challenges in coming years which will require further, continued development.

The company, always known for realising new possibilities, is facing these challenges and developing a comprehensive vision for the future. For this EWD is drawing on its values and experience from the last 160 years and combining these with a large portion of innovative spirit and willingness for development.

This will also be reinforced in a new, confident company image.

The previous EWD logo, with the letters outlined will change to three solid, bold letters. They reflect the stability of  the company within the market and build a solid base. The company colour remains the timeless, elegant grey of the trusted machines and shows technical and classical values.

The new external image can be seen in different channels in the future. Already at the end of 2022 the new EWD Linkedin channel was launched. A TikTok presence is also planned to target future talent. The next step in the plan is an optimized Internet presence, which reflects the relevance of the company EWD online.

However, in all you will repeatedly find the future company values: Tradition AND Innovation, Awareness of the past AND Future orientation, Stability AND Flexibility


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Morbark debuted new horizontal grinder at CONEXPO 2023

International Forest Industries - Wed, 22/03/2023 - 11:57
Morbark, Rayco, Denis Cimaf, Boxer, and Timberwolf showcased new equipment at shared booth

A Morbark 6400XT horizontal grinder with a dolly transport system  Morbark 

Morbark, LLC debuted the next-generation 6400XT Wood Hog horizontal grinder with a transport system at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. Other new equipment offerings included a Denis Cimaf open-face carbide mulching attachment and a Timberwolf TW 280HB HYBRID brush chipper.

The Morbark transport dolly for the next-generation 6400XT was developed to simplify how users transport the machine. Equipped with an independent air-ride suspension and remote-controlled front and rear hydraulic locks, a single operator can attach the transport dolly in minutes, eliminating the need for a specialized Low-Boy trailer.

In addition to the new transport dolly system, the 6400XT has undergone a few other updates:

  • Enhanced frame design allows for transport dolly attachment while keeping machine width to three metres providing uniformity for both domestic and other global markets
  • Automatic hammermill drive-belt tension system
  • PT Tech hydraulic torque limiter provides driveline protection while allowing ease of setting adjustments based on grinding application.

Denis Cimaf, an affiliated Morbark brand, have introduced a new line of open-face, carbide tip mulching heads for dedicated carriers, skid steers, and excavators known as the Denis Cimaf DX series of mulching heads.

The DX features carbide teeth that rip through hard and soft wood up to eight inches in diameter. The DX is ideal for tackling mulching or brush clearing with power and hammer-style force. In addition, it is well-suited for land clearing, vegetation management, and utility and roadside maintenance in unknown or rocky terrain.

Timberwolf joined Morbark at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 and showcased the TW 280HB HYBRID brush chipper.

The Timberwolf TW 280HB HYBRID was developed to meet the growing industry trend toward more sustainable solutions. With a processing throughput of over seven tonnes/hr, the TW 280HB HYBRID offers a maximum power of 62 horsepower but only 25 horsepower engine-level emissions. Simple to maintain, the TW 280HB is ideal for companies and organizations committed to minimizing their emissions without compromising performance.

Supplementing engine generation power is a power-dense hybrid system. An Inmotion generator synchronous motor (GSM) and energy-efficient SECH supercapacitors are integral to this system. Providing swift recharge capability, in contrast to lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors store and release energy quickly, coping with the variable duty cycle of the arborist’s job. Furthermore, this is integrated into a self-supported system that does not need external charging to operate. As the arborist’s working environment is continuously changing and the work schedule is often long, the TW 280HB HYBRID will perform throughout the day.

“Balancing performance and emissions was a challenge that could not be met by simply dialing down engine sizes,” explains Guy Marshlain, sales and marketing director for Timberwolf. “Therefore, our journey towards net zero began with the decision for Timberwolf to lead its own hybrid powertrain development program. The TW 280HB HYBRID is simply the first step in using our technical expertise to meet the sustainability challenges of the future. There is certainly more to follow.”

Also, in the Morbark booth was the tried-and-true Morbark 3000XT Wood Hog horizontal grinder and the 1821 and 1415 brush chippers. From Rayco, the C120 forestry mulcher, 4000AWL articulated wheel loader, and RG80 stump cutter. From Timberwolf, the TW 230HB brush chipper and from Boxer the 600HD mini-skid steer.

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New Niche Skidder

International Forest Industries - Wed, 22/03/2023 - 11:11

The Tigercat 612 series skidder platform was created to manage the extraction function in challenging terrain selective felling applications, while preserving the value and quality of the residual stand. The machine can be equipped with a dual winch, a movable back shield and fairlead system, as well as a crane, and front blade tongs.

The 612 skidder is equipped with the Tigercat FPT N67 Stage V engine, delivering 155 kW (208 hp). Combined with Tigercat’s efficient drive system, the 612 impressively handles adverse terrain while minimizing wheel spin.

A narrow stance allows easy navigation through tight trails and rough ground conditions. The movable shield can be used as an anchor while winching. The dual winch and moving fairlead system allow the operator independent control over two separate cables when operating in tight stand conditions. The optional heavy-duty crane and blade tongs offer even more versatility for extracting, maneuvering and sorting logs.

The operator’s cab is spacious with generous sized windows providing clear sightlines. Creature comforts include a climate-controlled cup holder and dedicated storage. Key to ergonomics and operating the machine effectively is the Turnaround seat. Turnaround provides increased comfort, clear sightlines, and easy entry and exit from either side of the machine. The operator enjoys full control of all machine functions in any position within the 220° range.

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Pfeifer Group buys Raute

International Forest Industries - Mon, 20/03/2023 - 14:02

Pfeifer Group, Austria has invested in Raute’s latest panel repairing technology. The automated Panel Repair Station R5, including the latest machine vision technology, will be used for repairing 2,1×5,2m three-ply massive wood panels with polyurethane filler. With the new automated way of repairing, Pfeifer is able to save repair material and labor, increase capacity, and secure constant panel quality.

Raute was selected for being the one-stop shop from design to all the way to installation. The line will be delivered in December 2023.

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Raute receives order of EUR 49.6 million to Uruguay

International Forest Industries - Mon, 20/03/2023 - 12:54

Raute Corporation has signed a contract worth EUR 49.6 million with Lumin in Uruguay for the technology delivery of a new plywood mill. This project was earlier referred to in the stock exchange release dated March 9, 2023 (Raute plans directed share issue, rights issue and junior loan to support targeted growth and strengthening of capital structure and proposes combination of share classes). Following the receipt of an advance payment for the project it has become effective as of today.

Lumin will build a green-field plywood mill in Melo, Cerro Largo, Uruguay. The new mill will increase their plywood production capacity from 304 000 m3 to nearly 500 000 m3, making Lumin the second largest plywood producer in South America.

The order for Raute’s technology includes all main production processes to this new eucalyptus plywood mill: a log handling line, a veneer peeling line, two veneer drying lines with grading, three veneer composing lines, two plywood lay-up lines, two plywood pressing lines, panel repairing and sawing lines with extensive service package and long-term on-site management. All lines are of the most modern automated R7-Series technology equipped with analyzers for grading and MillSIGHTS software for data capturing.

“We are very pleased to receive this order, which shows our ability to serve our customers as a complete, one-stop-supplier. Lumin is our long-term customer with multiple technology deliveries from Raute over the years”, says Mika Saariaho, CEO of Raute.

The ordered machinery and equipment will be delivered between February 2024 and June 2025. They will be manufactured at Raute’s production units in Lahti and Kajaani in Finland, and in the company’s partnership network.

This new mill, which will be in full operation in 2026, is part of Lumin’s strategy to capitalize on the growing global demand for sustainable timber products for the construction and furniture sectors. On the other hand, they are giving added value in Uruguay, instead of exporting timber, to the tree farms that they have been sustainably managing for more than 15 years in Cerro Largo and Treinta y Tres.

Lumin, employing 780 people, is a leader in forestry and forest products in Uruguay. With more than 25 years of experience it manages 120 000 hectares of timberland and has two plywood mills in Uruguay. Lumin is dedicated to the sustainable production of plywood panels destined for international markets. It is owned by a consortium of long-term investors.  www.lumin.com

Photo:  Render of the new plywood mill in Melo, Cerro Largo, Uruguay (© LUMIN)

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New log sorting line for Kissakoski Sawmill in Finland

International Forest Industries - Mon, 20/03/2023 - 12:28

Hekotek AS has signed a supply contract for the delivery of a new log sorting line to Versowood OY in Finland.

Versowood is one of the largest private sawmills in Finland, which acquired 2022 for its existing production units. in August, in addition, the Kissakoski sawmill, where the aforementioned line will also be delivered and installed.

The new sorting line, equipped with a turret turner, has 32 sorting pockets and the annual production volume is planned to be approximately 200,000 m³ saw logs per year. In addition to the log sorting function, where the logs are sorted into sorting pockets according to the given parameters, the receiving measurement of the logs is also performed on the sorting line – using an X-ray and 3D meter, and the obtained measurement results are the basis for invoicing with the log suppliers.

Delivery and installation of Hekotek is planned to start in summer 2023.  As usual, Hekotek is responsible for the production of the equipment as well as the full installation and start-up.

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TCi 920 Dozer at CONEXPO

International Forest Industries - Mon, 20/03/2023 - 12:07

Tigercat Industries will be showing off the 920 dozer at CONEXPO 2023. The 920 is branded under the new TCi badge. The TCi brand differentiates Tigercat’s core forestry machines from the on and off-road products developed for the construction, utility and industrial sectors. All products falling under the TCi brand are, and will continue to be designed, manufactured, and supported by Tigercat Industries.

The TCi 920 is powered by the Tigercat FPT N45 Tier 4f engine rated at 101 kw (135 hp). It is equipped with a 190 mm (7.5 in) pitch heavy duty undercarriage, and a responsive and efficient closed loop track drive system. As the 920 was initially designed as a forestry dozer, it is built stronger and more robust than an ordinary construction dozer. With impact-resistant belly pans, and durable structural components throughout, it can operate in tougher conditions such as land clearing applications.

The carefully designed cab offers the operator clear sightlines augmented by the sloped front hood and rear-mounted exhaust. The cab is quiet and comfortable with a heated and cooled air ride seat, ergonomic armrest mounted joysticks, and a large touchscreen machine control system interface.

About Tigercat Industries

Tigercat is a privately owned, vertically integrated Canadian company with deep expertise in engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, and the support of machinery suited to severe duty applications. The company’s the three main products streams are forestry, industrial equipment and material processing machinery.

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LUMIN, Uruguay invests in the new Raute Green Veneer Composing Line R7

International Forest Industries - Mon, 20/03/2023 - 10:56

Lumin, Uruguay has decided to invest in the new Raute Green Veneer Composing Line R7. The line will be installed as an in-line solution into a non-Raute brand peeling line and will be used to combine green veneer sheets to handle full sheets instead of randoms.

With the green veneer composing line, LUMIN is expecting to maximize the utilization of raw material, improve overall recovery, save manpower, and increase drying process efficiency.

“In this new project, Raute and LUMIN did together a raw material test at the mill before ordering the equipment. This was an excellent opportunity to know better the behavior of the local raw material at the composer and also at the drying process”, says Ricardo Inciarte, COO of LUMIN.

This will be the first new generation Green Veneer Composing Line R7 to be delivered in Latin America. The line will be delivered by the end of 2023

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The post LUMIN, Uruguay invests in the new Raute Green Veneer Composing Line R7 appeared first on International Forest Industries.

Ponsse’s 19,000th forest machine completed at Vieremä factory

International Forest Industries - Mon, 20/02/2023 - 13:03

On 17 February, the 19,000th PONSSE forest machine was handed over to Scottish long-term customer Elliot Henderson Ltd, with the Royal Burgh of Annan Pipe Band playing in the background. The PONSSE Scorpion Giant harvester with H8 harvester head will work at logging sites in the Scottish Borders and Scottish Lowlands.

“Thank you to the Elliot Henderson group and the Royal Burgh of Annan Pipe Band for coming to Vieremä to celebrate the 19,000th machine milestone with us. I understand this is the first time a pipe band has played at Vieremä village, which makes this day even more special for all of us, as this is Ponsse UK’s first milestone machine. This is a day that we will remember for years to come,” says Gary Glendinning, Managing Director Ponsse UK.

Elliot Henderson Ltd

Elliot Henderson Ltd is based in Selkirk in Scotland. The company started more than 35 years ago, planting trees with a small squad of men. Over the years, the business has grown and diversified into forestry, construction, and scaffolding. Today, Elliot Henderson Ltd comprises more than 40 forest machines which can undertake clear fell, thinning, steep ground harvesting operations, ground preparation or the construction of forest roads. Elliot Henderson Ltd also has the capability for site brash clearance, stump removal and servicing the biomass industry. The company is also a founding member of the Forest Industry Safety Accord and is a member of the Forestry Contractors Association.

With Elliot Henderson Ltd being a long-standing customer for well over 20 years, it’s a fitting tribute to the relationship between the customer and manufacturer that the landmark 19,000th machine is joining the fleet.

“Elliot Henderson Ltd has always been at the forefront of new machine releases over the years, which in turn keeps the harvesting fleet productive and at the vanguard of innovation. We are excited to be adding this Scorpion Giant to the fleet. This machine will go straight to work in the windblow resulting from Storm Arwen and we feel the extra power and H8 head will benefit us in this application. We look forward to seeing what it can do! We are currently running PONSSE Scorpion, Ergo, three Elephants and one Buffalo.” says Neil Purves, Director of Harvesting for Elliot Henderson Group.

Ponsse UK 

Ponsse UK was established in 1996, and since 2017, the company has operated at Annan, Scotland. The first PONSSE forest machine was already delivered to the country in 1994, and the fleet now comprises nearly 400 Ponsse machines. The Annan service centre is a workplace for about 30 Ponsse professionals.

PONSSE Scorpion Giant harvester

The PONSSE Scorpion Giant is a versatile harvester for demanding conditions. Scorpion Giant can be equipped with either the H8 harvester head or with any of Ponsse’s smaller harvester heads. Scorpion Giant features many solutions familiar from the Scorpion product range, which has been developed even further, including an increased tractive force and an even more powerful C50+ crane. The cabin offers excellent visibility to the logging site, and the machine includes advanced active levelling and suspension systems. PONSSE Scorpion Giant is equipped with a one-piece windscreen that extends to the roof of the cabin. As a result, visibility from the cabin is even better, and working is safe in all conditions. The cabin is like a practical and quiet office with a view, developed to support the operator’s comfort and wellbeing.

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HASSLACHER Group acquires 40% of Egoin Wood Group

International Forest Industries - Fri, 17/02/2023 - 12:46

HASSLACHER Group has acquired a 40% stake in Egoin Wood Group. This domestically and internationally active company, with production facilities in Ea (Biscay) and Legutio (Araba), has more than 30 years of experience in the development of constructional timber solutions and currently employs around 160 people.

“The HASSLACHER Group’s 40 percent holding represents an important strategic step for the Egoin Wood Group to strengthen its position in the field of industrial timber construction and timber engineering in Spain and the international markets,” says Unai Agirre, CEO of Egoin Wood Group. “This partnership is an ideal synergy and enables the exchange of know-how and optimization ranging from forest management through the production of high-quality system solutions for modern timber construction to renewable energy solutions such as biomass and photovoltaic systems.”

Specialists in engineered timber

“The 40 percent stake in the Egoin Wood Group is an ideal opportunity to drive further the expansion of the HASSLACHER Group and strengthens our position in Southwest Europe,” says Christoph Kulterer, CEO and owner of the HASSLACHER Group. “In addition, from the family origin and the culture and values by which we live, we also share the strategic vision in terms of development, circular economy, and decarbonization as well as sustainable forest management and thus the preservation of forests.”

About Egoin Wood Group

Based in Spain, Egoin Wood Group is an international timber industry company with sites in Ea (Biscay) and Legutio (Araba) and has an experienced team of over 30 engineers who work with leading architects, developers and contractors in the design of timber construction solutions. Egoin Wood Group currently employs around 160 people in total and, once the new cross laminated timber plant in Legutio is up and running, the Basque timber industry company will employ over 200 people. Egoin Wood Group currently has a total production capacity of 22,000 m³ engineered timber products (14,000 m³ cross laminated timber, 8,000 m³ glulam), which is expected to double to up to 52,000 m³ when the third cross laminated timber plant in Legutio comes on stream in mid-2023.


Unai Aguirre (CEO Egoin Wood Group) and Franz Meließnig (CFO HASSLACHER Group) celebrating HASSLACHER Group’s 40 percent stake in Egoin Wood Group. © HASSLACHER Group

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Lumin to invest $136M in new plywood mill in Uruguay, expanding production capacity to nearly 500,000 m3

International Forest Industries - Wed, 15/02/2023 - 13:57

Lumin, a leading timberland and forest products company, will invest ~US$ 136 million to build its third industrial plant in Uruguay, which is expected to create more than 300 jobs and significantly increase the country’s sustainable plywood production. The announcement was made this afternoon in Melo at an event attended by the President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, the Mayor of Cerro Largo Department, José Yurramendi, and Lumin´s CEO, Álvaro Molinari. Following approval by Lumin’s Board of Directors, which includes representatives of the BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group (TIG) and British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI), construction of the new plant will begin in the first quarter of 2023, with operations expected to commence the first quarter of 2026.

The expansion is part of Lumin’s strategy to capitalize on the growing global demand for sustainable timber products for the construction and furniture sectors. All of Lumin’s 120,000 hectares of commercial forests are independently certified as meeting the global standards for responsible forest management of the FSC® (FSC-C162602).

This new investment complements investments of US$ 48 million made over the last two years into the company’s existing facilities, which includes the construction of a thin peel line and a new warehouse facility.

Álvaro Molinari, Lumin’s CEO, said: “Lumin currently employs 780 people and produces 304,000 cubic meters of plywood per year at its two existing plants in Tacuarembó. We expect this new plant to create 320 additional jobs and to expand Lumin’s production capacity to nearly 500,000 cubic meters. Based on current figures, this would make Uruguay the second largest producer of plywood in Latin America.”

The new plant aims to capitalize on tree farms that Lumin has been sustainably managing for more than 15 years in the departments of Cerro Largo and Treinta y Tres.

About Lumin

Lumin is a leader in forestry and forest products in Uruguay. With more than 25 years of experience, Lumin manages 120,000 hectares of timberland in Uruguay in the departments of Rivera, Tacuarembó, Cerro Largo and Treinta y Tres. Lumin is dedicated to the sustainable production of plywood panels destined for international markets. www.lumin.com

About BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group

BTG Pactual (BPAC11) is the largest investment bank in Latin America, operating in the Investment Banking, Corporate Lending, Sales & Trading, Wealth Management and Asset Management markets. BTG Pactual Asset Management has an international presence with over US$ 100 billion in assets under management and administration. BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group (TIG), a division of BTG Pactual Asset Management, is one of the world’s oldest and largest timberland investment managers with US$ 5.6 billion in assets and commitments and 3.0 million acres under management globally as of Q4 2022. TIG is focused on achieving compelling investment returns while also applying high standards of environmental and social governance. TIG has a 40+ year track record with over 100 professional staff members in 15 offices around the globe, bringing local, regional, and global experience to bear on the management of client investments.

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Oregon Dept. of Forestry gives $4.4 million in grants to boost capacity at Oregon tree nurseries

International Forest Industries - Fri, 10/02/2023 - 11:44

Ten tree nurseries across the state are receiving over $4.4 million this year to help them increase their ability to produce badly needed seedlings. The seedlings are needed to help reforest millions of acres deforested in recent years by wildfire, disease and pests.

The money was given to ODF after passage by the Oregon Legislature in 2021 of House Bill 5006. The bill was a response to the devastating 2020 wildfires which burned a million acres of forest. In the wake of those fires, there were many barriers to reforesting, including shortages of money, labour, and for some smaller landowners appropriate tree seedlings.

ODF Small Forestland Owner Assistance Unit Manager Nate Agalzoff said, “These grants are helping nurseries make strategic investments to increase their ability to grow more seedlings, which will enable them to better support reforestation needs in the future.”

Nurseries are using the funds to invest in everything from adding irrigation to building new greenhouses and seedbed space as well as storage facilities for storing seedling trees. Funds can also go toward:

  • equipment
  • the cost of collecting or purchasing tree seeds,
  • buying land on which to expand nursery facilities.

“These grants are increasing overall capacity across the state for whenever seedling demand rises,” said ODF Reforestation Program Project Coordinator Astrea Strawn. “In the case of nurseries in Union and Hood River counties, the grants also ensure there will be capacity to provide geographically appropriate seedlings for those areas.”

Strawn said funds must be spent before the end of this summer.

“This makes us optimistic that landowners, especially smaller ones, will have better access to seedlings. When they do, they can promptly reforest after future tree losses to keep Oregon’s working forests working for Oregonians,” she said.

“The funding will allow Lava Nursery, Inc. to increase seedling production for the small woodland owners, helping them to meet their reforestation needs after forest fires and/or harvest operations,” said Lava’s Assistant Nursery Manager Jeff Snyder. “These funds will also allow for additional freezer storage capability for long-term storage of seedlings to ensure the best quality seedlings are available at the time of planting.”

To qualify for a grant, a nursery had to have experience growing high-quality commercial conifer trees for reforestation in Oregon, including Douglas-fir, grand fir, noble fir, western redcedar, ponderosa pine and others.

“The awards were targeted to nurseries which showed interest in helping with future reforestation needs, whether from wildfires or climate change losses,” said Strawn.

Nurseries which received funds include:

  • Brooks Tree Farm – Salem in Marion County $540,000
  • Drakes Crossing Nursery – Silverton in Marion County $540,000
  • PRT Growing Services – Cottage Grove and Hubbard $540,000
  • Trillium Gardens – Eugene in Lane County $531,000
  • Weyerhaeuser – Aurora and Turner in the Willamette Valley $500,000
  • Champoeg Nursery – Aurora in Marion County $458,000
  • Lava Nursery, Inc. – Parkdale in Hood County $458,000
  • Scholls Valley Native Nursery – Forest Grove in Washington County $367,000
  • The Plantworks, LLC – Cove in Union County $276,000
  • Kintigh Nursery – Springfield in Lane County $238,000

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The post Oregon Dept. of Forestry gives $4.4 million in grants to boost capacity at Oregon tree nurseries appeared first on International Forest Industries.


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