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Pfeifer acquires Finnish wood processing company Pölkky

Fri, 23/12/2022 - 10:32

The Austrian Pfeifer Holding GmbH has signed an agreement on acquiring the Finnish wood processing company Pölkky Oy. The transaction strengthens Pfeifer’s position as one of the leading European timber industry companies and prepares the producer to face global competition. The Pölkky brand, management and operations will remain untouched.

Since its inception in 1968, Pölkky has been owned by the Virranniemi family. As the largest wood processing company in private ownership in Northern Finland, Pölkky employs 420 people and most recently recorded an annual turnover of 200 million Euros. After Pölkky integration into the Pfeifer Group, it intends to continue with its investment programme as planned during years 2022–2024.

Michael Pfeifer, CEO of Pfeifer Holding GmbH, said: “We are excited about the opportunities this acquisition brings. Pölkky is a well-managed family company with a competent management and staff, a unique location in the heavily forested area of Northern Finland and a valuable market position. This is why Pölkky fits perfectly into our strategy of synergistic growth. The Pfeifer Holding’s three-man management team is comprised of CEO Michael Pfeifer, CTO Clemens Pfeifer and CFO Ewald Franzoi.

Thorough analysis resulted in Pölkky being the best option

In a well-founded analysis process, the Holding’s Managing Directors thoroughly examined all acquisition options over the course of the last few years. In the end, Pölkky emerged as the best option. When signing the contracts, the leadership trio announced that they intend to continue Pölkky’s ambitious investment projects and operations with full force and expand the Pfeifer Group’s role as a strong partner in the global sawn timber market.

Petteri Virranniemi, CEO of Pölkky Oy, also emphasises the benefits of the deal: “For me and my family, this step strengthens our development potential, allowing Pölkky to continue to grow and make profits. I am confident that we will be able to create new synergies and additional market potential.”

(Pölkky CEO Petteri Virranniemi) New perspectives for Pfeifer

Thanks to the acquisition, the Pfeifer Group’s number of employees rises to some 2,600 in four countries. The forecast turnover will increase to 1.4 billion Euros in 2023.

For the company previously situated in Central Europe, the transaction means a strategically coherent development in the direction of Northern Europe. Apart from entering an attractive market, this also opens new procurement sources when it comes to high-quality wood from the far North. This will secure the supply and delivery capabilities of the Group in the long run.

Pölkky there to stay

The Pölkky brand will remain active after the firm’s integration into the Pfeifer Group. Likewise, the management will continue to manage the company under CEO Petteri Virranniemi’s leadership, while the supervisory board will be reorganised. The acquisition has no impact on Pölkky’s staff levels, customers and cooperation agreements. The actual acquisition will take place after merger control approximately in January 2023.

About the Pfeifer Group

The Austrian Pfeifer Holding GmbH was founded in 1948 and is currently run by the Pfeifer family’s third generation. Before the acquisition of Pölkky, the Pfeifer Group had around 2,200 employees at eight locations in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. The company headquarters are in Imst (Tyrol/Austria).

In the Group’s fully integrated sawmills, around 4 million cubic meters of wood are cut annually and processed completely along the entire value chain. Pfeifer focuses on the clearly defined areas of timber construction (cross laminated timber, glulam, glued solid wood panels), formwork (concrete formwork panels, formwork beams), pallet blocks and packaging timber, as well as energy (pellets, briquettes, green electricity and heat).

Pfeifer exports its products to 90 countries, with around 90 % of sales generated in its core European markets. There, Pfeifer is the market leader in shuttering panels and pallet blocks and is one of the largest producers of sawn timber, pellets, formwork beams and glulam.

Learn more at https://www.pfeifergroup.com/en/ 

About Pölkky

Pölkky is Northern Finland’s largest family-owned wood processing company. High production standards, reliable supply relationships, logistics know-how and responsible personnel characterise the company, whose slogan is “Roots for Quality Living”. The sawmills and processing plants are located in Kuusamo (headquarters), Taivalkoski, Kajaani, Kitka and Oulu. Its annual production output is 700,000 m3 of sawn timber, and the product portfolio also includes planed timber, pressure-treated timber, glulam, chips and sawdust. With an export quota of over 70 percent and delivery destinations in 35 countries, Pölkky is a major player in the global sawmill market

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Lampe & Malphrus Lumber to receive new End Dogging Carriage line

Fri, 16/12/2022 - 11:28

USNR is replacing the Headrig system at Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Company with a new End Dogging Carriage line, including several new machines such as:

• Log infeed using belts, chains, and ending screws
• Pinnacle feeder
• USNR carriage optimization with LASAR
• Reciprocating EDC with rotation
• Conical chip-heads with board and cant separators
• A single pass resaw
• An inertial separator to separate the split cants
• Numerous belted and chain transfers

This comes on the heels of another significant investment for Lampe & Malphrus, a new Optimized Edger line slated for installation in early 2023.

A strong business needs constant updating and revitalization, and that’s exactly what a new carriage line will do. Once the new systems are installed, logs will move through faster and with a higher-quality end result.

“The new primary breakdown will allow us to meet our customer’s growing demand for quality lumber while improving recovery and the health and safety of our team members.”<?p>

Will Lampe, President & CEO, Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Company

USNR enjoys working with Lampe & Malphrus Lumber on all of their upgrades and expansion projects.


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Eco Log Group is acquired by investors with extensive experience in operational turn-around

Tue, 13/12/2022 - 13:31

An agreement has been entered into with Lazarus Industriförvaltning AB, which acquires a majority of Eco Log Group AB.

Lazarus is an investment company specialized in operational turn-around of companies facing significant challenges. By combining access to capital with experience of operational turn-around, Lazarus can strengthen Eco Logs’ position and offering going forward. Lazarus already owns companies such as Eurosteel Nybro, AH Automation, Stockholm Repair Yard and other manufacturing industrial companies.

– We believe in the company and in the industry, and our acquisition is an important part of the new start that is now needed. We see particularly good opportunities to strengthen Eco Log’s position and we hope that we as new owners can provide both the capital and the drive that is needed, says Martin Alsander, partner in Lazarus Industriförvaltning AB. 

The company manufactures and sells efficient forest machines for sustainable forestry and is based in Söderhamn.

We are very pleased to have new experienced owners who believe in the company and have experience of operational turn-around during complex situations. The acquisition gives Eco Log the right prerequisites to conduct long-term sustainable operations, says Lars Bredenfeldt, board member of Eco Log Group AB.

The acquisition is conditional by the Swedish Competition Authority’s approval. Weland and Accent remain as minority shareholders of Eco Log Group AB.

At the moment, Eco Log Sweden AB is in an ongoing reorganization process.

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SHI secures order for a 74 MW-Class Wood Biomass & Recycled Fuel-Fired Boiler for power plant

Tue, 13/12/2022 - 12:45

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President, and CEO: Shinji Shimomura) secured an order from Tosoh Corporation (Representative Director, President: Mamoru Kuwada) for a 74 MW-class wood biomass and recycled fuel-fired boiler (planned construction site: Nanyo Complex, Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) based on the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contract.

This facility is a boiler for a biomass power plant toward energy decarbonization that is planned by Tosoh Corporation. It is a high-efficiency biomass-fired boiler that uses wood-based fuel as its primary fuel and employs the reheating system.*1 The type of boiler to be used—a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler—has a large share of the high-efficiency biomass power plant sector. The SHI Group has supplied more than 530 CFB boilers in Japan and abroad.*2 Tosoh Corporation’s high regard for SHI’s delivery record and project proposal were leading factors in its decision to use a SHI CFB boiler in its project.

SHI will continue pursuing exceptional fuel diversity in CFB boiler technology and supplying high-efficiency power facilities with the aim of effectively utilizing resources and reducing environmental impact. SHI will contribute to the stable supply of electric power and utilities and the realization of a decarbonized society.

[Facility outline]
Boiler type: Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler (reheating system)
Maximum evaporation: 270 t/h
Fuel type: Wood-based fuel, etc.
Scheduled start-up year: 2026

*1: Reheating system: A technology that makes high-efficiency power plant possible by sending steam that was expanded in a steam turbine back to the boiler, reheating it, and then sending it back to the steam turbine.

*2: SHI Group: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW), a subsidiary. The figure provided includes CFB technology licensees of the SHI Group.


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Komatsu – Improved measurement calibration

Wed, 07/12/2022 - 14:59

The calibration of the diameter and length measuring is improved, using a new method to secure better statistical data and reduce the risk for human error. Another new feature is the integrated analysis function for visualisation of the control measurement result.

An important prerequisite for a good calibration result is that the calibration basis is as good as possible. The new system ensures that a suitable number of stems are used as statistic base for each calibration, which increases the precision of the calibration. The default setting is for the calibration to be performed on ten stems, but it is possible to adjust according to the customer’s own needs (please note that one tree is measured every time, but the system uses data from the last ten calibrations).

When a new tree is added, the oldest tree will automatically be excluded from the data collected. In order to ensure the quality of the machine measurement, MaxiXT will filter and select trees where the head had good clamping of the trunk during the processing, meaning that they are suitable for calibration.

With the new system, diameter calibration is done in diameter intervals. This makes it possible to calibrate only the intervals where there are deviations and where enough measurement data is available. The documentation remains after the calibration has been performed and the graphics show how the active calibration would have measured on these stems. All in all, these improvements contribute to minimizing the risk of errors when calibrating.

Another new feature of the new calibration system is that length and diameter calibration can easily be copied between tree types.

In addition to the improved calibration method, the visualisation of the results has been improved. The system provides a visual analysis of the stem profile where all measuring points are displayed and categorised according to colour codes. The system also clearly visualises the measurement errors between the machine and the data caliper.

The basic calibration is done in the same way as before, with a measuring pipes.

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BSW Group announces acquisition of Scott Group

Tue, 06/12/2022 - 12:05

BSW Timber Ltd, the largest integrated timber and forestry business in the UK, and a member of Binderholz, has acquired Scott Group, a leading supplier of timber pallets and bespoke timber packaging solutions.

Based near Dunfermline in Scotland, with an annual turnover in excess of £250m and 1,300 employees, Scott Group is an award-winning, sustainable manufacturer of new, bespoke, and reconditioned timber pallets, producing over 30 million pallets per year.

The Scott Group was founded in 1987 and operates across 32 sites, from Shetland to Devon, working with customers to promote the circular economy, which is emphasised by its pallet recovery, repair and reuse service, while it also operates a timber sourcing arm in Latvia.

Tony Hackney, CEO of BSW Group, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have acquired Scott Group. It’s a move which further strengthens our product and service offering.

“It ties into our vision of not only making use of the full value of timber, but also of achieving the best uses for timber across the BSW Group, whilst fully utilising the logistical firepower of the combined businesses. This strategic acquisition means that we are poised ready to serve our customers when we see the economic recovery and upturn.

Much like us, Scott Group has grown organically and through acquisition over the last decade, and we’re confident that with the expertise and experience of BSW and Scott together we can continue to build on this both in the UK and further afield.”

Norman Scott, owner and Group Operations Director at Scott Group, added: “This is a huge move for both Scott Group and the wider timber industry, helping us to cement our status as the UK’s most innovative manufacturer and supplier of timber pallets. It also helps us to ensure that we can work even closer with customers to provide solutions that fit their requirements and deliver value.”

With the acquisition of Scott Group, BSW Group now employs 3,000 people across the sector, and has an annual turnover of approximately £900m, with Binderholz Group turnover reaching almost €2.8bn.

BSW CEO Tony Hackney and CFO Alan Milne will join the existing Scott Group Board of Directors, who will continue in their current roles.

Reinhard Binder, CEO of Binderholz Group, noted: “This transaction is a further step for our group to enlarge our product range, and a consequent step in following our strategy to invest in the value chain. Scott Group fits perfectly into our sustainable business model and zero-waste principle.”

BSW Group was advised by Macfarlanes LLP in London whilst Scott Group was advised by BTO Solicitors LLP in Glasgow.

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Blue Machinery appointed as new dealers for Morbark

Fri, 02/12/2022 - 10:15

Blue Machinery have been appointed as the exclusive distributors for the Morbark brand across the UK and Ireland. The new agreement means that Blue Scotland, Blue Central, Blue Southern and Blue Ireland will now supply Morbark’s industrial product range within the regions in which they operate.

Based out of Winn, Michigan, Morbark LLC has been innovating and manufacturing durable, high-performance equipment since 1957. With more than 60 years of ideas, invention, and phenomenal growth, Morbark is now widely recognised as the number one brand globally.

Morbark’s industrial range includes a wide collection of premium horizontal grinders and chippers which complement Blue Machinery’s current portfolio of world leading brands, including Doppstadt and Fuchs – A Terex Brand. These new product lines will help us to bolster our offering to customers within existing recycling markets, who require machines with higher horsepower and throughput, whilst also enabling the planned expansion into the forestry sector. As well as being able to supply Morbark’s range of mobile machines, Blue Machinery will also be able to offer static, electric grinders and chippers.

Blue Spares now become the authorised supplier of genuine OEM parts across the UK and Ireland for the full Morbark industrial range. They have parts stocked ready to service existing Morbark customers from both their Warrington and Stirling depots, which collectively hold an inventory of over £5million. Their dedicated team of parts experts offer customers with 24/7/365 availability to keep their machines up and running.

Blue Machinery acquired the dealership from previous distributors, Steel Viper and are working closely with them throughout the transition period. The teams from sales, service and spare parts are all undergoing a training programme on the Morbark product range. Director at Steel Viper, David Harper, comments: “It’s been a pleasure supplying the world leading Morbark brand over the last 6 years, however we recognise that Blue Machinery provide an opportunity to take the brand to the next level within the market. Our existing Morbark customers will benefit significantly from Blue Machinery’s localised service, sales and spare parts. I would like to thank all our customers for their continued business and support over the years, and we wish Blue Machinery every success for the future”.

Managing Director at Blue Scotland, Austin Carey, comments: “We are delighted to have concluded commercial terms with David Harper at Steel Viper, to become the new dealers for Morbark. In October Blue Machinery’s regional directors had an excellent visit to the very impressive 1,000,000 square foot Morbark facilities in Michigan. We met the Morbark senior Management team and had time discuss where the opportunities exist in UK & Irish markets. Our strategy is to expand our existing customer base by entering the forestry and sawmill markets, where we will be adding additional products to complement the Morbark range. Our six regional depots provide a national footprint, meaning that we are well positioned to stock a large inventory of machines and spare parts to give maximum uptime to our customers. We have an excellent opportunity to heavily penetrate the market, and we plan to allocate extensive resources towards establishing the brand and fulfilling its potential in the UK and Ireland. We are excited to meet all the existing Morbark customers and welcome some new ones along our journey.”

Michael Stanton, VP of Sales and Marketing at Morbark, adds: “The addition of The Blue Group, which has a long history of offering premium support for both sales and aftermarket, aligns with our desire to be partnered with the very best organisations globally. We look forward to working closely with Blue Group, who will provide the opportunity to grow our brand across the UK and Ireland”.

Our four regional business are now taking orders for 2023. We currently have a 3000XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder in the UK and available for demonstration, so be sure to get in touch with your Blue representative if you’re interested.

Blue Scotland: 01786 469444

Blue Central: 01606 261262

Blue Southern: 01275 285285

Blue Ireland: +353 14319839

For any spare part requirements, contact Blue Spares on 0345 130 0669

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Georgia voters support Ad Valorem tax exemption for forestry equipment

Tue, 29/11/2022 - 11:02

Just recently Georgia voters made a clear statement in support of Georgia’s small forestry businesses that steward the state’s 22 million acres of working forest by passing Referendum A by simple majority. The referendum provides an ad valorem tax exemption for forestry equipment used in tree planting, forest management, and timber harvesting.

The Georgia Forestry Association is pleased that Georgia’s loggers, tree planters, and land managers will be given equal treatment with farm owners and agriculture businesses, who have been extended the same equipment tax exemption for decades. Referendum A was a GFA policy priority that started with strong bipartisan support in the Georgia State Legislature for House Bill 997, sponsored by Rep. Sam Watson (R-Moultrie). This summer, GFA launched a grassroots communications campaign in support of Referendum A, focused on activating members across the state and educating key media outlets across the state.

“We are grateful for the support from the state legislature and more than 2 million voters who voted to help keep Georgia the number one forestry state in the nation,” GFA President & CEO Andres Villegas said. “As we travelled across this state, we’ve heard from hundreds of small forestry businesses about the importance of this legislation, which will deliver much needed economic relief to the forestry supply chain.”

This tax exemption will apply to more than 1,200 small forestry businesses that directly support more than 5,400 jobs across the state. Small forestry businesses are under an extreme amount of economic pressure due to rising operational costs, supply chain constraints and labor challenges. In 2022, logging companies have seen an average cost increase of $2.50/ton of wood harvested, which translates into an estimated $7,500 per week (or $400,000 per year) in increased operating costs for an average small forestry business.

Beginning January 1, 2023, forestry equipment to be exempted from taxes will include equipment owned or held under a lease-purchase agreement. The off-road equipment will include skidders, feller bunchers, debarkers, delimbers, chip harvesters, tub-grinders, wood cutters, chippers, loaders, dozers, mid-motor graders, equipment attachments. The tax exemption does not apply to motor vehicles or trailers.

The Georgia Forestry Association will continue to advocate for healthy regulatory, legal and tax structures that support the state’s working forests and the economic and environmental benefits they provide to our state. To learn more about becoming a member or getting engaged with the Association, visit www.gfagrow.org or contact us at 478-992-8110 or at info@gfagrow.org.

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Japan trade mission pursues new markets for B.C. wood

Tue, 29/11/2022 - 10:32

B.C. delegates recently embarked on the first post-COVID-19 forestry trade mission to Japan, seeking to increase market opportunities, meet with customers and partners, and encourage expanded use of B.C. wood products.

“Japan is a critically important export market for B.C.’s high-quality wood products, and we are excited to engage directly and strengthen relationships with our key customers and trading partners,” said Katrine Conroy, Minister of Forests. “Through B.C.’s global leadership and innovation in sustainable forestry and mass timber manufacturing, we have the opportunity to increase exports, given Japan’s focus on green building construction and wood use in public buildings. This will support good, well-paying jobs for people across the province.”

The five-day mission, beginning Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022, saw Conroy, forest industry representatives, federal and provincial officials, and Indigenous leaders attend events with the primary objectives of strengthening relationships, identifying new market opportunities, encouraging the use of B.C. wood products, discussing evolving market opportunities and challenges, and increasing awareness of B.C.’s leadership in sustainable and innovative forest product manufacturing and construction practices.

Activities included:

  • touring the Tokyo University of the Arts nail-laminated timber demonstration project, which is the first example of an engineered spruce-pine-fir (SPF) nail-laminated timber floor system commercially adopted in Japan;

  • witnessing the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Canada Wood and developer Seiwa Corporation on the joint development of tall midply;

  • hosting a customer appreciation reception at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo;

  • visiting the B.C. Wood Japan office and touring the Log Road Commercial Development, which features extensive use of western red cedar;

  • visiting Osaka to talk with customers in the Kansai region;

  • meeting with Japanese officials from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism, and the Japan Forestry Agency; and

  • meeting with the co-chairs and executive director of the Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association.

Around the world, organizations are making purchasing decisions that factor in impacts to the environment and communities. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is important as businesses look to succeed long term in a fast-changing marketplace.

B.C.’s forests are managed sustainably and forest companies are required to replant areas harvested. The Province also introduced legislative changes to enhance the role of First Nations in long-term forest planning and decision-making.


Bruce St. John, president, Canada Wood Group –

“Asia has made a commitment of building a net-zero future by recognizing the use of low-carbon construction materials. By supporting innovative wood building systems in construction in China, Japan and Korea, Canada Wood is exporting Canadian low-carbon products and technology while maintaining the competitiveness of the Canadian forest industry.”

Linda Coady, president and CEO, Council of Forest Industries (COFI) –

“These missions are critical to growing B.C.’s reputation as the supplier of choice in providing customers around the world with the renewable, low-carbon forest products people want and need. As key markets, like Japan, increasingly seek construction, packaging and other materials that are a better choice for the planet, COFI looks forward to continuing to partner with government, Indigenous Nations, labour and communities to show the world what B.C.’s forest industry is made of, while also creating new opportunities for the foresters, biologists, data analysts, truck drivers, mill workers, re-manufacturers and many more British Columbians who make the sector great.”

Lennard Joe, CEO, First Nations Forestry Council (FNFC) –

“The First Nations Forestry Council and B.C. are working together on a number of projects in forestry that recognize First Nations rights and are promoting reconciliation. FNFC, along with First Nations leadership, is honoured to be part of this mission and to offer our Japanese colleagues a true perspective on the forestry partnership between the Province and First Nations. Together, we are forging a new beginning in forestry practices in B.C., one that promises respect and places First Nations front and centre in forestry policy development.”

Quick Facts:

  • B.C. sold forest products to Japan valued at $1.6 billion in 2021.
  • B.C.’s forest industry has shipped lumber to Japan for nearly 100 years, with more than 45 years of in-country market development work led by industry and government.
  • Japan is B.C.’s highest-value and oldest market in Asia for forestry products.

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Resolute adds drones to its Ontario seeding and mapping techniques

Fri, 25/11/2022 - 11:25

The latest drones in Resolute’s Ontario woodland operations will help the company reduce its carbon footprint and could even lead to faster forest regeneration after harvesting.

Those are just some of the strengths remote piloting systems, or drones, are bringing to work that is traditionally undertaken by planes and helicopters. “Both of which have a large carbon footprint, and both are expensive,” says Tom Ratz, Resolute’s planning manager in Ontario.

Drones are not new to forestry, or to Ratz, whose team of foresters have been using them for several years to do quick aerial inspections or fly them further afield to decide if they need to walk into an area with no road access, for example.

The newest models in the arsenal are bigger, faster, and more sophisticated than any of the other dozen drones the team currently uses. In fact, given their size, weight, and speed, these drones are operated by a specially trained and licensed pilot, whose work includes mapping flight plans and processing the images the drone cameras capture.

The seeding drone, a Hylio AG-166, is a heavy-duty multicopter. Built in Texas and designed as an aerial sprayer, the drone’s sprayer arms were removed and fitted with a seed spreader. Loaded with jack pine seeds, the drone flies like a helicopter and can get to work right after an area has been harvested, allowing seeds to germinate along with other species.

This fall the Hylio drone is finishing a few more weeks of production testing to gather enough information so that it can be used to seed this spring. While relatively new in Ontario reforestation, seeding drones have been used with success in Canada and the U.S. in areas affected by wildfires.

High-resolution, current forest imagery

Before seeding can begin, the team needs an accurate, detailed, and current picture of the area. Enter the WingtraOne, a drone that flies like a plane (at 35 mph – 57 kilometers per hour – it is eight times faster than a multicopter) and can takeoff and land vertically.

The Swiss-made WingtraOne was purchased from the Thunder Bay-based Four Rivers Group, the first Indigenous Wingtra dealer. In fact, both drone purchases benefited from partial funding by CRIBE – the Centre for Research & Innovation in the Bio-Economy, in part for how drones help reduce carbon emissions and because this initiative brings innovative technology into the forest products industry.

Equipped with a high-resolution camera and a four-foot (125 cm) wingspan, the WingtraOne can fly in a series of parallel tracks that are then stitched together to form a detailed photograph.

“You can literally count the logs in this image,” Ratz explains of a cut block displayed on his monitor. “I can tell what’s pine, what’s birch. I can see if there are any missed pieces.”

Satellite images are often used for this purpose, but you would not get the resolution these provide, says Ratz. And while planes provide higher resolution images, the cost of using one has increased by 20% in the last year.

Beyond depletion mapping, the drones are also used to help pulp and paper mills inventory their wood chip stores. Ratz also hopes to combine the drone’s high-res image capture technology with specialized software that could recognize and count tree species so that Resolute can continually update its forest inventory information.

Finding hot spots with thermal imaging

The WingtraOne’s high-end compact Sony camera can be switched for a thermal imaging camera that can check pulp mill wood chip stores for hot spots. As piles of chips and biomasss compress, they can generate enough heat to lead to combustion, making the drone an important part of a mill’s safety system.

The thermal camera can also check on areas where a controlled burn was used to reduce debris at roadside. The drone can easily recheck the same area to make sure there is no lasting fire.

Each new application seems to generate new ideas on how to use these new tools.

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PONSSE HH360 rotator for harvester head

Fri, 25/11/2022 - 10:40

Ponsse launches new PONSSE HH360 harvester head rotator. The new rotator is an innovative solution in which the harvester head can rotate 360° degrees freely without limitations. With PONSSE HH360 the hoses stay in a fixed position from crane tip to rotator, all the time. Now launched rotator enables the harvester head rotating freely without worry about unexpected downtime caused from twisted hoses.

“We’ve developed an innovative solution by listening to our customers’ needs. The rotating harvester head speeds up processing wood, makes working easier for the operator and reduces hose failures,” says Janne Loponen, Product Manager for harvester heads. “Compared to competing products, the rotator is strong, powerful and above all, energy efficient, and Ponsse has exclusive rights to the product in forest machine use,” Loponen continues.

The powerful and exceptionally energy efficient PONSSE HH360 rotator is available for H6, H7, H8, H7 HD, H8 HD, H7 HD Euca, and H8 HD Euca harvester heads when installed as a loose head installation.

All PONSSE harvester heads are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. They are characterised by a simple and solid structure which is why they can be used in various harvesting applications. Comprehensive design applies to both mechanical components and the electronic control system, controls, and software. The manufacturing process is highly automated, guaranteeing a high level of quality and measuring accuracy.

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Brandt Tractor selected by Morbark, Rayco & Denis Cimaf as the authorized dealer for Canada

Thu, 24/11/2022 - 12:52

Morbark, LLC, and its affiliated brands Rayco and Denis Cimaf have selected Brandt Tractor Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Brandt Group of Companies, as the exclusive, authorized dealer for their tree care (brush chippers, stump cutters, articulated wheel loaders), forestry/biomass (whole tree drum chippers, Chiparvestors, flails), recycling (horizontal and tub grinders), and Rayco Forestry/Denis Cimaf (forestry mulchers and mulching attachments) equipment lines in Canada.

“For Morbark, it was an easy choice to sign Brandt as our exclusive dealer in Canada,” said Michael Stanton, vice president of sales and marketing. “Their 56 full-service locations will provide our Canadian customers with the complete support they need and deserve.”

Brandt was founded in 1932 as a small electrical contractor in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. After nine decades of impressive growth, the company has become the world’s largest John Deere Dealer, owning and operating a total of 120 full-service equipment dealerships in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

“Brandt has a lot to offer Morbark customers in Canada,” said Brandt owner and CEO Shaun Semple. “We’ve built the largest, best-equipped support network in the country and are eager to earn the loyalty of our new customers by supporting their needs for equipment, aftermarket parts, and high-quality 24/7/365 customer support.”

Since executing the contract, Brandt sales and service teams have been busy preparing to support Morbark, Rayco, and Denis Cimaf customers by participating in sales and service trainings and building their inventory of equipment and aftermarket parts. To find a Brandt location in Canada, go to www.brandt.ca/Divisions/Tractor/Branch-Locator or www.morbarkdealers.com.

About Morbark:

An Alamo Group Inc. (NYSE: ALG) holding, Morbark, LLC, has innovated and manufactured durable, high-performance equipment for 65 years. Morbark’s equipment helps customer process and convert wood and organic waste materials into valuable, useful, and profitable by-products. The company produces a full line of brush chippers, stump cutters, mini skid steers and articulated wheel loaders, forestry mulchers, whole tree drum and disc chippers, flails, horizontal and tub grinders, and mulcher attachments for excavators and skid steers under the Morbark, Rayco, Denis Cimaf, and Boxer equipment brands. Sales and aftermarket support are through a worldwide, authorized dealer network. For more information, please visit www.morbark.com.

About Brandt Group of Companies

The Brandt Group of Companies, headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, is a privately owned manufacturing and distribution company that serves a growing international audience in industries such as agriculture, construction, forestry, rail, mining, steel, transportation, material handling, and energy. The company has 5400+ employees and more than 170 locations in Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Brandt is one of Canada’s largest privately owned companies and is among an elite group of Platinum Club members of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

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FAE is upgrading the DML/SSL mulcher for skid steers

Tue, 22/11/2022 - 09:57

FAE is upgrading one of its most popular and loved products on a global scale: the DML/SSL forestry mulcher for skid steers. All innovations are aimed at optimizing the head’s efficiency and productivity when combined with 50 to 75 hp skid steers.

First, the frame and push frame’s design has been redesigned to offer greater visibility in all working conditions. It’s one detail that will make a big difference in operator’s comfort and efficiency, with the ability to monitor the tasks at hand with more precision.

The rotors are also seeing big changes. The DML/SSL can now mount a rotor with robust Mini C/3 teeth or with Mini BL blades, both ideal for making the most out of the efficient Bite Limiter technology.

This technology makes it possible to achieve more productivity in less time when mulching any kind of wood. The Bite Limiter rotor comes with special wear-resistant steel limiters that limit the teeth’s reach (bite) so that there is less power demand and a consistent working speed. The Bite Limiter technology also minimizes rotor stalling and optimizes fuel consumption.

The new DML/SSL is available with FAE’s exclusive Sonic technology. This Sonic system ensures that the skid steer and the FAE mulcher are completely aligned by automatically calibrating the mulcher’s parameters. Sonic continuously manages the mulcher’s hydraulic settings, for a significant boost in overall productivity of up to 30%. The Sonic system also minimizes rotor stalling and shortens recovery time thanks to the quick recovery of the rotor’s rpm.

There is more that the new DML/SSL offers. The new Spike Pro counter blades ensure low power absorption and a finer granulometry of the processed material. The new interchangeable and adjustable skids offer greater precision. The optional integrated oil cooler ensures the best performance even in hotter climates.

The new DML/SSL is available in 4 models, DML/SSL/VT, DML/SSL/BL, DML/SSL/SONIC, DML/SSL/BL/SONIC and in two widths for each model.

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Grab logs like a pro – Komatsu’s new grapple range for enhanced productivity

Fri, 11/11/2022 - 10:57

For a forwarder, an efficient grapple design is key to ensuring high productivity. Komatsu is now introducing a new grapple range encompassing ten completely redesigned models. The grapples have a new design with a larger opening, which offers better wood pile penetration and makes it easier for the logs to roll into the grapple.

If the crane is the long arm of the operator, then the grapple is the hand that grips the timber. This makes it important to have a grapple that is optimised to gather, roll in and grip the timber both quickly and powerfully. Komatsu’s new grapples boast many upgrades to their productivity, making them efficient and dependable forest companions.

New design with larger opening

The most striking difference is that the opening width is noticeably larger, which enables the grapple to penetrate the wood pile more quickly and easily. The logs roll into the grapple more readily as well, saving precious time. The new grapples have also been refined when it comes to gathering and straightening the timber.

In addition to the new features, naturally the grapple range has retained the key advantages of the previous models, such as the robust and durable design. The new grapples also come with several improvements for a longer service life, ensuring their durability for demanding forest environments.  With these old and new advantages combined, Komatsu grapples ensure the efficient forwarding of timber to the roadside.

Ten new grapple models

The new grapple range encompasses no fewer than ten grapple models, divided into six size classes. The range spans from the G82, which holds 0.26 m², to the G87H, which holds a full 0.50 m². The range is divided into standard, bioenergy (brushwood) and heavy-duty applications as well. The new generation of grapples are also compatible with the most common forwarders make as well as with most types of truck cranes and other vehicles that handle timber.

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Shell signs agreement to acquire ECL business of PANOLIN

Thu, 10/11/2022 - 13:46

Wholly-owned subsidiaries of Shell plc (“Shell”) in Switzerland, the UK, US and Sweden (Shell (Switzerland) AG, Shell U.K. Limited, Pennzoil-Quaker State Company and Shell Aviation Sweden AB) have entered into agreements to acquire the Environmentally Considerate Lubricants (ECLs) business of the PANOLIN Group. The transaction includes the PANOLIN brand, ECL product formulations, intellectual property, technical expertise and technology, international customer base and portfolio of products – for hydraulics, gears, universal tractor transmission oils, biodegradable engine oils (HDEO), turbine oils, chainsaw oils and greases for machine lubrication, including leading OEM-approved products.

ECLs are biodegradable lubricants and can help contribute to a more sustainable future, offering greater protection for wildlife and ecosystems in the event that they come into contact with the environment, in comparison to conventional lubricants. They enable customers to reduce the risks of operating in sensitive environments.

The global market for ECLs is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. Following completion of the transaction, Shell will manufacture, distribute and market the PANOLIN portfolio of ECL products alongside its established Shell Naturelle branded products. The acquisition will strengthen Shell’s presence in the mining, construction, agriculture, renewable power, hydropower and offshore wind sectors.

Shell expects to fully integrate the business into its global lubricants business within two years after completion, aligning with Shell’s Powering Progress strategy to accelerate the transition to a net[1]zero emissions energy business by 2050.

Machteld de Haan, Global Executive Vice President of Shell Lubricants, said: “We are entering into this strategic acquisition to grow our presence in the global industrial lubricants market, through differentiated, value-added propositions for our customers. Once completed, the acquisition will enable us to complement our existing range of sustainable products in response to increasing customer demand.”

All PANOLIN staff who currently support the ECL business in Switzerland, the UK, US and Sweden are expected to join Shell. Subject to regulatory clearance and the satisfaction of closing conditions, the deal is expected to be completed by early 2023.

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dynaCERT Breaks into the Forestry Sector in Western Canada

Thu, 10/11/2022 - 11:59
dynaCERT Breaks into the Forestry Sector in Western Canada with Fiorentino Bros. Contracting Ltd.

dynaCERT Inc. is pleased to announce that it will be installing its HydraGEN Technology Units on logging equipment and heavy-duty trucks owned by Fiorentino Bros. Contracting Ltd. (“FBC”).

FBC owns over 100 units of heavy equipment and a fleet of over 70 motor vehicles. The proprietary HydraGEN Technology of dynaCERT will be installed on Caterpillar Graders and a Freightliner lowbed truck servicing the forestry industry in British Columbia. The HydraGEN Technology is designed to reduce emissions and save fuel and maintenance costs.

Jim Fiorentino, General Manager of FBC, stated, “At FBC, we are committed to helping our clients complete their projects in a safe, profitable, and environmentally sustainable manner. We are pleased to support our clients in providing the products and infrastructure that people need, while reducing our environmental footprint, and costs for fuel equipment maintenance. The HydraGEN Technology of dynaCERT helps us meet our ESG goals and will contribute as a major step forward in reducing GHG’s.”

Jim Payne, President and CEO of dynaCERT, stated, “As global diesel prices soar, dynaCERT continues to serve the private sector in Canada and internationally, including the forestry industry as well as private sector users of internal combustion engines in the logging industry. Our products help users to achieve sustainability and reduce global Greenhouse Gas Emissions. I applaud Fiorentino Bros. Construction Ltd. for their vision and commitment to contributing to a greener planet by reducing emissions.”

About Fiorentino Bros. Contracting Ltd.

FBC is a full-service provider of heavy construction equipment to the logging, mining, earthmoving, and land development industry in the Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. This includes communities such as Cranbrook, Creston, Canal Flats, Invermere, Radium, Parson, Golden, Elkford, Fernie, and Sparwood.

Established in 1966, this second-generation, family-owned and operated company owns over 100 units of heavy equipment and a fleet of over 70 motor vehicles. Canfor, formerly Tembec Industries Inc., and earlier Crestbrook Forest Industries, has been one of the company’s major customers since the 1960s.

About dynaCERT Inc.

dynaCERT Inc. manufactures and distributes Carbon Emission Reduction Technology along with its proprietary HydraLytica Telematics, a means of monitoring fuel consumption and calculating GHG emissions savings designed for the tracking of possible future Carbon Credits for use with internal combustion engines. As part of the growing global hydrogen economy, our patented technology creates hydrogen and oxygen on-demand through a unique electrolysis system and supplies these gases through the air intake to enhance combustion, which has shown to lower carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Our technology is designed for use with many types and sizes of diesel engines used in on-road vehicles, reefer trailers, off-road construction, power generation, mining and forestry equipment.

dynaCERT has received the Smart Sustainable Company Rating Seal after a rigorous analysis of Triple-A Analytics GmbH of Austria. This honourable distinction of dynaCERT and its HydraGEN Technology as it applies to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations Global Compact Principles, has been evaluated as “high”, the highest global ranking in its category.

Source: Businesswire

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New Nisula Forest distributor in Québec, Canada!

Tue, 08/11/2022 - 11:46

Nisula Forest Oy and Équipement JYL Inc. have signed a dealership agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Équipement JYL Inc. will sell Nisula Forest products, parts and offer services in Québec, Canada.

“We are very excited about our new cooperation with Équipement JYL! The Gagnon family and their team have a lot of experience in the forest machinery sector. Located in Chicoutimi, Canada, our new distributor will guarantee the satisfaction of our customers in Québec. If you are in the need of Scandinavian quality forestry products and looking for top notch customer service, call Équipement JYL right now!”, says Timo Savornin, Sales and Marketing Director at Nisula Forest Oy.

Main photo: Timo Savornin, Nisula Forest Oy.

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Major order for USNR in Chile

Fri, 04/11/2022 - 10:38

USNR has announced the order of a complete sawmilling system to the Chilean company Foraction Chile. This highly advanced production line is designed to process Radiata Pine and will be installed at a greenfield site in the Los Rios region about 800 km south of Santiago.

The scope of the contract is a complete sawmill – from the debarker/log sorter optimizer, through the log breakdown equipment, finishing with the trim/sort/stack line. This project marks one of USNR’s most comprehensive undertakings outside of North America and Europe.

The saw line will be a European-style Merry-Go-Round line that has proven to be very successful in Chile throughout the years. The primary sawing machines will be Sawmaster 1600 band saws arranged in a quad configuration. In this iteration of USNR’s ever-evolving Merry-Go-Round concept, there will be an additional chipper canter and a Circular Saw 700 gang saw. This arrangement makes it possible for certain log sizes to pass straight through the saw line, thus maximizing the productivity on all sawing patterns.

Catech XT edger optimizer

A complete, 45-bin green sorting and stacking line completes USNR’s portion of the project. Main components in the sorting line include a Revolver Lug Loader, Multi-Track Fence, and a Multi-Saw Trimmer. The stacker line features a catching lug tier-forming table in front of USNR’s Low-Profile Stacker with an overhead tier management system to ensure maximum productivity.

In addition to the equipment supplied by USNR, USNR’s partner in Chile, Solecia, will be responsible for supplying the log sorting line, log infeed equipment, and residual handling equipment for this project.

USNR along with our partner Solecia has a long history in Chile, with many installations and devoted customers. This order reinforces USNR’s strong position in the Chilean market and USNR’s position as the leading supplier of Radiata Pine processing technology.

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John Deere invests again in 2026 Electric Power-Train ambitions

Fri, 28/10/2022 - 11:24

John Deere is adding to an already significant 2022 investment to fill growing demand from customers and investors for sustainable equipment solutions reports Larry Stewart CONEXPO.

John Deere is investing an undisclosed amount to expand production capacity at battery maker Kreisel Electric on the heels of acquiring a majority ownership stake in the Austrian company earlier this year for $276 million (an amount a little greater than Deere’s cost to acquire the three Deere-Hitachi excavator joint-venture plants).

“We have plans to expand our product portfolio to include more electric and diesel-electric machines,” Jennifer Preston, global director of John Deere Electric Power, told CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365, “As part of our Leap Ambitions, we will deliver 20+ electric and hybrid-electric construction and forestry models by 2026.”

Deere and Kreisel exchange value

Kreisel develops high-density, immersion-cooled electric battery modules and packs for high-performance and off-highway applications. The company also has a charging infrastructure platform for its patented battery technology. Advanced immersion cooling technology for each individual cell helps ensure long battery-life and safety.

Kriesel’s battery technology and battery-buffered charging infrastructure serves a global customer base across multiple end markets, including commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles, marine, e-motorsports, and other high-performance applications.

Funds from the investment will primarily be deployed to mobile commercial and industrial solutions as well as the charging-infrastructure division of Kreisel, increasing battery production capacity by more than 2 GWh to meet growing demand to store power for electric- or hybrid-propulsion systems.

In addition to expanding Kreisel’s production facility in Austria, the investment will open a new facility at John Deere’s Saran factory in France – the primary manufacturing location for John Deere engines in the European Union. At the Saran facility, Kreisel will have access to Deere’s supply chain management, manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, logistics coordination and automation solutions.

“This investment will put a strong focus on the industrialization and automation of the entire production process, as well as research and development capacities at Kreisel HQ in Rainbach,” said Preston.

Parallel with this project, John Deere will also invest in battery assembly in the United States.

Kreisel to be Deere’s electrification cornerstone

A Deere & Company statement on the investment acknowledges that its “strategic alignment with Kreisel will be the cornerstone for electrification of John Deere brand products.” Products in Deere’s portfolio such as turf equipment, compact utility tractors, small tractors, compact construction, and some road building equipment could rely solely on batteries as a primary power source.

“Our joint venture with Kreisel gives us the opportunity to work with a company with unique technology that is aiming for the same markets we are aiming for,” said Preston.

“Kreisel’s technology and products target applications with demanding duty cycles and high operating hours, making their products a good fit for agriculture, construction, road building, commercial mowing, and golf applications.

“Teaming with Kreisel also allows us to optimally integrate vehicle and powertrain designs around high-durability battery packs, maximizing performance of the system, while leveraging Kreisel’s charging technology to build out infrastructure required for customer adoption. Electrification is a key enabler for automation and autonomy, allowing us to generate more customer insights to reduce operating costs on the jobsite or in a field. Electrification also improves data capture opportunities as battery vehicles generate more data than ICE vehicles and provide deeper connectivity, leading to improved diagnostics and development of new service and aftermarket models.

“Ultimately, our joint venture with Kreisel allows us to reach critical size in battery supply to best serve our customers at the lowest possible cost.”

Photo: Deere’s second investment will expand battery production in Kreisel facilities and at Deere’s engine plant in France. Photo: Kreisel Electric

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Metsä Group’s pine sawmill inaugurated in Rauma

Thu, 27/10/2022 - 12:14

The new Rauma pine sawmill of Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group, was inaugurated on Monday, 10 October 2022. The sawmill was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sanna Marin with Ilkka Hämälä, Metsä Group’s President and CEO, and Jussi Linnaranta, Chair of the Board of Directors of Metsäliitto Cooperative.

With a value of EUR 260 million, the Rauma pine sawmill is the largest ever sawmill investment in Finland. The investment decision was based on the strong growth in global demand for sustainably produced premium sawn timber.

The construction of the Rauma sawmill began in the spring of 2020, and continuous production was launched on 30 September 2022. The new sawmill has an annual production capacity of 750,000 cubic metres of pine sawn timber, and it uses around 1.5 million cubic metres of pine logs sourced in Finland annually. The sawmill will reach full production capacity by the end of 2023.

“The carbon that trees bind while growing is stored in wood products and buildings made of sawn timber throughout their life cycle. The newly inaugurated Rauma sawmill will help Metsä Group boost its production of products that store carbon in the long term very resource efficiently and provide its customers with even better support for sustainable growth and the phasing out of fossil-based raw materials,” says Ilkka Hämälä, President and CEO of Metsä Group.

The sawmill will be a worldwide forerunner in technology and efficiency. It will directly employ around 100 people and around 500 people across its direct value chain. Metsä Fibre’s Rauma sawmill and pulp mill form an efficient integrated mill, whose synergies are employed in energy production, side stream utilisation, logistics and services.

For photos click here.

Requests for further information, please contact:
Juha Laine, Senior Vice President, Communications, Metsä Group, tel. +358 10 465 4541

Metsä Group
Metsä Group is leading the way in advancing the bioeconomy. We invest in growth, bioproduct development and a fossil free future. The raw material for our products is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. We focus on the growth sectors of the forest industry: wood supply and forest services, wood products, pulp, fresh fibre paperboards, as well as tissue and greaseproof papers.

Metsä Group’s annual sales amount to approximately EUR 6 billion, and we have around 9,500 employees in 30 countries. Our international Group has its roots in the Finnish forests: our parent company is Metsäliitto Cooperative which is owned by nearly 100,000 forest owners.

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