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New Zealand

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FRA Claims Timbergrow Limited Purchase Could Be Good for Sustainability

Seattle, WA, August 03, 2011 -- A Malaysian forestry firm has bought a large portion of forest land in New Zealand, which could boost sustainable forestry in the region, according to Forestry Research Associates (FRA).

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August 3rd, 2011

Tpt Forests New Zealand - market report

Over recent weeks, export log markets have continued to react to oversupply with inventories building and softening prices. This situation of supply being well out of balance with demand is now very pronounced in China and India, and to a lesser extent in Korea and Japan. Irrespective of whether the primary reasons are due to high inventory/slowing demand or pricing being indexed to China, domestic log and processed product prices have decreased across all markets and general trading conditions have become far more challenging than earlier in the year.

Issue date: 
July 18th, 2011

Forest fire management tools timely

New tools and the latest decision support technology for forest fire management will be timely for the first of 14 BNZ Tech Clinics at New Zealand Forest Industries 2011 in Rotorua in September.

Issue date: 
July 4th, 2011

Drop in NZ export log prices

High inventory levels in Chinese ports have now converted to a lowering of in-market (CFR) pricing for New Zealand logs. A similar situation occurred this time last year when China was importing what were then record volumes of logs.

2012 Forestry Finance event call for presentations

The Forest Industry Engineering Association together with most of the major financial and forestry industry associations in Australia and New Zealand ran an inaugural Future Forestry Finance Conference series in Sydney and Auckland in early March 2010. The turnout exceeded expectations.

Issue date: 
June 24th, 2011

North America supply a risk to NZ

Issue date: 
April 23, 2011

Counting up the carbon captured

Redd Forests, a little company 20 per cent-owned by the Kathmandu founder Jan Cameron, is proving that threatened native forest in Tasmania can have more value standing than if it was logged, by generating carbon credits from it.

Issue date: 
April 7, 2011

First Tasmanian Projects Validated

Redd Forests, the Australian based carbon project developer, has achieved validation of its Tasmanian Improved Forestry Management projects, the first such projects in the world.

Issue date: 
April 1st, 2011

Rising shipping costs for Kiwi exporters

Issue date: 
21st February 2011

ETS 'big opportunity' for farmers

Wanganui hill country farmers have a massive opportunity to use the Emissions Trading Scheme to get a return from their marginal land, Pat Hawinkels says.

"Internationally, the market for carbon is huge and it will just get bigger."

People registering their forests in the Emissions Trading Scheme get money for growing trees, which store carbon.

Registering for the scheme was only complex the first time, he said, and for some the money would keep a marginal farm viable.


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