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New Zealand

Issue date: 
15 February 2011

Event to unveil business opportunities in carbon forestry

Issue date: 
Feb 3, 2011

Proving the microwave charcoal technology was the easy part


In one sense, proving Carbonscape's novel one-step process can cheaply produce highly porous charcoal was the easy part.

Issue date: 
November 26th, 2010

New Zealand Log Prices - November 2010

Supply and demand in China, New Zealand’s major export log market, appears to be reaching a balance. As such, in-market prices for New Zealand logs in China and Korea have slowed from the rapid rises witnessed through September and October.

Issue date: 
November 5th, 2010

Sino-Forest acquires 13,000 ha of NZ forests

Sino-Forest Corporation, a leading, commercial forest plantation operator in China, has announced the acquisition of a 13,000 ha New Zealand forestry plantation.  Mr.

Issue date: 
November 5th, 2010

NZ Forestry credits off to Japan

A major Japanese bank has come back for a second helping of New Zealand forestry credits. The deal, finalised last week, is being seen as a positive step in the developing international market for New Zealand’s forestry credits.

Issue date: 
October 19th, 2010

Statement of principles catalyst for Tasmanian pulp mill project

Australian forest company Gunns Ltd, which is planning to build a new giant pulp mill on the Australian island of Tasmania, possibly in collaboration with Swedish Södra, welcomes a historic forest statement of principles, which was announced yesterday.

Issue date: 
October 13, 2010

PM's keys to forestry sector growth

Free trade negotiations and a continued commitment to the emissions trading scheme are important to support further forestry sector growth, Prime Minister John Key said.

Issue date: 
September 27th, 2010

New Zealand Log Prices - September 2010

A clearing of inventory in China has prompted a firming of CFR (in-market) log prices this month.

Issue date: 

Cashing in on carbon

Environment Waikato is considering using its $60 millon investment fund for a massive tree planting scheme to cash in on the Government's Emissions Trading Scheme.

Issue date: 
2 Sep, 2010

New Zealand: Region a net ETS winner

GISBORNE will be a net winner from the emissions trading scheme, promises Climate Change Minister Nick Smith.

At a well-attended meeting last night, Dr Smith managed to tame a potentially hostile audience through judicious use of the expressions:

“Good question”, “You’re absolutely right” and “That deserves a thorough answer — I’ll answer each point in turn”.


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