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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Issue date: 
Dec. 19, 2012

EBRD Invests in Renewable Energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With a single investment in renewable energy, the EBRD is helping Bosnian pulp and paper producer Natron Hayat generate electricity and save money while also cutting its carbon emissions and reducing the environmental impact of the waste it pr

Issue date: 
Mar 2, 2011

EBRD supports pulp and paper mill in Bosnia and Herzegovina

London, UK, Mar 2, 2011 - The EBRD is providing an €11 million loan to Natron Hayat, a pulp and paper mill located in Maglaj in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, to support the company’s further growth and development in line with EU standards.

Natron Hayat is a producer of various paper and cardboard products. Previously state-owned, the company was privatized in 2005 and is now owned by KEAS, Turkey’s leading forestry and paper products producer.

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by Dr. Radut