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Issue date: 
January 18, 2012

Should EU plan be given another chance?

IT will be interesting to see whether Malaysia will finally decide to support the European Union's (EU) new timber regulation that will come into force in January next year.

Issue date: 
05 December 2011

Malaysia Maintains 56.4 Per Cent Of Land Area As Forested Land

Malaysia is still able to maintain 56.4 per cent of its total land area as forested land, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah Embas said Monday.

He described it as an encouraging achievement because many countries were not able to do so as their forest areas had been opened for development.

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Struggle about sustainable forestry in Malaysia

Prof. dr. Helias Udo de Haes (CML), member of the Dutch Timber Procurement Assessment Committtee (TPAC), describes the newest development on the advice of the committee about forestry in Malaysia to the Dutch government.

Issue date: 
July 5th, 2011

Biofuels in Malaysia

Malaysia is the world’s largest exporter and the second largest producer of crude palm oil.

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by Dr. Radut