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Nachhaltige Waldwirtschaft

Issue date: 
18 June 2012

Putting forests at the heart of a new, greener economy

The world's forests have a major role to play in the transition to a new, greener economy, a theme being discussed at the Rio+20 Conference.  But to spark that shift, governments must enact programs and policies aimed at both unlocking the potential of forests and ensuring that they are sustainab

Issue date: 
May 20, 2012

Sustainable land use for the 21st century

It is estimated that the human footprint has affected 83% of the global terrestrial

Issue date: 

Finding Balance: Our future, our forests

The United Nations Forum on Forests partnered with a multimedia firm to produce a compelling story line about forests that goes beyond simple conservation.

Issue date: 
25 Jun 2012

Green businesses set to lead creation of Rio's+20 "Future We Want”

It has been impossible to avoid the glut of criticism from green NGOs and politicians left deeply disappointed by the lack of ambition on display at the Rio +20 Earth summit last week.

Issue date: 
June 25, 2012

Timberland in Institutional Investment Portfolios: Can Significant Investment Reach Emerging Markets?

A survey was carried out to improve the understanding of current investment patterns in forestry by investors and of the framework in which such investments are made.

Issue date: 
June 20, 2012

Code REDD for environmental protection

Up to now a forest’s value has been measured mainly in terms of the price of its wood, but the United Nations is currently turning this premise on its head by placing a price on the forest’s capacity to absorb the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Issue date: 
June 20, 2012

Global Alliance of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities on Climate Change against REDD+

After more than 500 years of resistance, we, Indigenous Peoples, local communities, peasant farmers, fisherfolk and civil society are not fooled by the so-called Green Economy and REDD+ because we know colonialism when we see it.

Issue date: 
19 Jun 2012

As the Earth warms, forest floors add greenhouse gases to the air

Huge amounts of carbon trapped in the soils of U.S.

Issue date: 

Rio+20: Are human development indices forest-blind?

When policymakers and national planners set out to enhance local “quality of life,” they often base their decisions on a variant of the United Nations’ Human Development Index (HDI), a basket of indicators, ranging from income to life expectanc

Issue date: 
June 19, 2012

Farming the forest

Manoel Jose Leite, a small-scale organic farmer, is set to pioneer low-carbon agriculture in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, which for decades has been destroyed by expanding agribusiness.


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