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Timberland in Institutional Investment Portfolios: Can Significant Investment Reach Emerging Markets?

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June 25, 2012
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Forest Carbon Asia
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A survey was carried out to improve the understanding of current investment patterns in forestry by investors and of the framework in which such investments are made. It also aimed to reveal barriers and opportunities to investments in forestry assets in developing countries; to identify key issues and pathways to enhance forestry investment in developing countries; and to guide the support work of Tropenbos International, FAO and others in this respect. The survey primarily covered investment decision-makers in North America and Europe. The survey was commissioned by FAO and Tropenbos International, with support from Natural Resources Canada – Canadian Forest Service.

The study focused on forestry for timber production as the investors’ primary reason for investing. This focus was justified by preliminary discussion that took place before the survey itself that revealed that processing, manufacturing, water quality, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and other ecosystem services may well be emerging sources of potential value, but are still considered secondary outcomes

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