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Issue date: 
November 2010

FAO's normative activities on Forest Fires

FIRE HAS BEEN A MAJOR INFLUENCE on the development and management of many of the world's forests. Some forest ecosystems have evolved in response to frequent fires from natural as well as human causes, but most others are negatively affected by wildfire.

Issue date: 
November 24, 2009

Nova Scotia restoring forests damaged by the spruce bark beetle

The provincial government of Nova Scotia is restoring forests in Cape Breton's Mabou Highlands ravaged by the spruce bark beetle.

Ontario announces silviculture job stimulus program

The Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry has announced $6 million forest renewal program.

Horse logging/Pferderückung

Prince Edward's Provinzregierung (Kanada) erlaubt jedermann die Holznutzung mit Pferden...

Montag, 20.4.2009: Totholz und minderwertige Holzsortimente gehören demjenigen, der das Holz mit Pferden aus dem Wald bringt. Er muss weder für das Holz noch für eine Holznutzungslizenz bezahlen. Ein interessanter Ansatz um Pferderückung in das Blickfeld der Öffentlichkeit zu rücken...

Government offer leads to horse logging comeback

Monday, 20th of April 2009: More forests on P.E.I. are being logged with the help of horses this year following an offer of free firewood.

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