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The Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry has announced $6 million forest renewal program.

Through the Forestry Futures Trust committee, the provincial government is inviting Sustainable Forest License Holders and Managers of Crown units to apply for the program, that will provide up to $6 million in additional work for the silviculture service industry (greenhouse operations, site preparation, and planting contractors) to carry out efficient, effective and incremental forest renewal activities on Crown land with priority given to areas of natural disturbance.

To be eligible to apply, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Projects must create new jobs
  2. Projects must show “incrementality”, meaning:
    • Seedling production, site preparation and planting in areas of natural disturbance for which the SFL holder had no responsibility for renewal.
    • Seedling production, site preparation and planting in areas previously identified for natural or basic renewal activities.
  3. Projects must take place on Crown land, within the “Area of the Undertaking”.
  4. Proponents can be SFL holders or MNR Districts (in the case of Crown Management Units).
  5. Planting of the areas must take place in 2010. Therefore current crops of seedlings must be grown. Carryovers to subsequent years will not be considered.
  6. Site preparation (if needed) must take place in the 2009/10 fiscal year (e.g. winter shear-blading) or in the spring of 2010 prior to the planting of the stock.
  7. The incremental activity must be eligible under the current Forest Management
  8. Plan and supported by a silvicultural ground rule.


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Issue date: November 9, 2009

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