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Issue date: 
June 1, 2011

Growth in Global Carbon Market Pauses Amid Uncertainty

World Bank Releases 2011 "State and Trends of the Carbon Market" Report

Issue date: 
1 June 2011

World Bank warns of 'failing' international carbon market

Issue date: 
May 27. 2011

Carbon investors turn to forestry

At an Environmental Finance conference this month, financers signalled strong interest to invest in forest carbon projects. Given that imminent investment is needed, how close are we to a framework that propels financers to back forestry?

Issue date: 
June 3, 2011

Voluntary carbon market climbs on trees

The voluntary carbon market climbed to record volumes of emissions reductions last year, bouncing back from worldwide recession on the back of corporate social responsibility demand and the rise of forest-based offset supply. This picture emerges from the State and Trends of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2010, published this week by Ecosystem Marketplace and Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Issue date: 
June 3, 2011

State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2011

For five years, Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace and Bloomberg New Energy Finance have published the State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets Reports to shed light on trading volumes, credit prices, project types, locations, and the motivations of buyers in this market. Every year’s marketplace seems more complex than the one before, as actors continually refine their programs, businesses, and investments in search of a more perfect future – for their projects and the planet.

Issue date: 
27 May 2011

Carbon offset provider Carbonica in partnership with REDDMontt Forestry in Chile

UK-based carbon trading and carbon offset company Carbonica will generate VCS REDD and reforestation carbon credits in Chile


Issue date: 
May 23, 2011

New Ruling Puts California’s Cap and Trade on Permanent Hold

Issue date: 
May 16 2011

Kenyan firms to tap new IFC carbon fund

Kenyan companies investing in carbon trading projects are set to benefit from a new fund set up by IFC to cover a financing gap arising from the European Union’s decision to stop buying carbon credits from developing countries beginning next year.

Issue date: 
May 9, 2011

World Bank eyes new post-2012 CDM facility - Point Carbon

(Published by Thomson Reuters Point Carbon)

Issue date: 
May 6, 2011

Forests May Spur Financial Rewards, Curb Climate Change, UN Says

The world’s forests may spur financial rewards and risk management opportunities as a way to curb climate change, according to the United Nations.


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